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Gauge Legacy: CAKE or DEATH

Previous installments can be found here.

When last we left the Gauges, Estimate/Eddie (Gen 7) was trying to sell as many yellow peppers as possible during her lifetime, starting with 1,527 in inventory. Eddie and her husband Ravi had twins, Broad and Narrow Gauge. Narrow went into fashion design and Broad interpreted law. Which one came home to continue the legacy? We'll find out!

Most of the recent generations have been story-style, but this one is caption. It just fit better.

Warnings: Nudeness! CAPSLOCK! Cheating! A smidge of language!

Occasionally Eddie did need a break from running the home business, such as when she neared freezing. Otherwise, she and Ravi don't have jobs, they can get out there and SELL PEPPERS.

Broad was the one who got to come home and continue the legacy, which bites, because Narrow was much more interesting, both in looks and personality. :/ Broad turned out to be very bland. Still, he went to the matchmaker and got his future spouse, Jill, a redhead with propensity for secretary spread.

Time to get married, and Broad dresses in Calvin's Scotsman outfit from Gen 4 for the occasion.

"With this ring I shall lead you about by the nose."

"What, no fanfare? Just one dinky heart?"

Jill also likes ... jillin'.

The water's warm enough to cook noodles, it's definitely too warm for a swimsuit!

Honestly, the tub-woohoo seems more like extreme horseplay to me. Someone would probably drown if they tried any of that fer-realz.

"Honey, could you maybe get a more sexy wardrobe? Do something with your hair? That little-girl barrette doesn't do anything for me."

How about this? Rrowr!

...who is she harassing during daylight hours? Usually it's after dark, right?

"FEED ME!" roars Elmer (Gen 3) ghost. I'm really glad I switched off the ghosts in the last installment. By now that house would be unlivable.

Sell them peppers! By now Joy is pregnant, but too bad, she's going to spend her maternity leave restocking peppers! None of these peppers go in the fridge, because we have a zillion tomatoes in there from Gen 5 or some other earlier time. Apples get sold straight off the tree.

In all this business hubbub, the dog - left alone and neglected an awful lot of the time - passes on. G'bye, doggie! If I remembered your name I'd be really sad!

"Hey, Eddie, Ravi? Can one of you guys help this guy with a question about peppers? I think it's time..."

Sure enough, Jill produces the Gen 9 heir, Fuel Gauge, right there in the middle of the business part of the lot.

You'd think a baby had never been born before.

Okay, maybe not too many babies get born in the middle of an outdoor yellow pepper emporium. But still!

Hey, how many peppers we got left, Eddie?

"I can't stand the smell of peppers, d'you mind if I bury my head in your hair? *snif* Wow, your hair smells terrific!"

If only her hair were gray or platinum-white, she'd look like a living statue.

What the? Somehow some peppers ended up across the street? I only noticed this because Ravi ran over there to restock (narrowly avoiding a car, I might add).

I'd given Eddie and Ravi a few sim-days off from the peppers while Broad and Narrow were in college. (I play out the college years as four sim-days back at the home lot.) I never should've done that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Eddie and Ravi are married, dude! Why're you trying to set up a date?

...Oh. Eek.
Eddie: "What, is there a mess on the property? Why is the business losing stars?"

Business always dies the same day as the owner.

"You've got a ... thing ... like, a thing there..."
"What? You're here for me? But Ravi's older than me! It's not my time yet! I go to the doctor and get checkups and take vitamins and everything!"

Eddie tries to step forward to argue her case, but a hula girl stops her. "Ain't nobody gets close to Big Daddy Death, girlie!"

"...Fine. Give me a drink and a new body in the afterlife and I'm good for it."

Eddie didn't think much of Jill, even though Jill worked all through her pregnancy for Eddie's business. Wow.

On the other hand, everyone's plenty bummed about a death on the premises (except Jill, on the stairs inside the house). And Eddie went to the great beyond with between 100-200 peppers still in inventory. Dammit, she shouldn't have taken that mini-vacation while her sons were in college.

Ravi, though, is already feeling better thanks to one of the customers giving him some pity kissing.

I was curious about this because I didn't think they knew each other, and I was right. So why the sudden lip-lock? This wasn't even the same one offered to him before his wife died earlier that day! Maybe Ravi's just got that special something.

All the business stuff is sold off after Eddie dies. It was her project, and everyone's sick of it. The business still exists, but nobody's doing anything with the license.

Fuel, ignored during the whole "must sell peppers before Eddie dies" phase, becomes a toddler and shows he inherited Ravi's blond hair from Broad, and the squinchy rat eyes from Jill.

He's still ignored as a toddler. Ravi, being a family sim, does what he can to get the kid walking and talking, but otherwise Fuel has to fend for himself.

The dog's stuff is still there, so Fuel uses it. The poor kid.

"I put in all that time for your mom and she left me a lousy few hundred bucks! If you didn't have a well-paying lawyer's job to compensate for me working the night shift at Rosie O's Clam Shack, I'd be a lot angrier!"

Ravi moves along a couple of days later. The past few generations have all gotten married and started families late in life. The next one will be different, especially since I don't have a lot of generations left.

"But I didn't get to enjoy my cake!"
"But cake!"

Jill looks smug - perhaps she's waiting to see if Ravi gives her a bigger chunk of inheritance money?

Broad lets it all out, of course.

"Fine, you don't have to be rude about it."

And so Ravi leaves Belladonna Cove, yet another Ben Long type who marries into one of my legacies. Not the next one, Ben Long! I swear it!
Jill is happy enough with this turn of events.

Fuel gets a hairstyle and the stale kibble. It's food! And there's water in the toilet! He can fend for himself!

Someone finally notices the small child in the house, but it might be a little late to break him of the kibble habbit.

"Yeah, I can put in another shift at the Clam Shack. Did the boss get crabs? ... did she ORDER crabs, you know what I mean! ... bitch."

Time passes and Fuel becomes a kid destined to be picked on and given a swirly in the boys' room.

Everything seems serene.
"How was your day, Broad?"
"I successfully defended a client against charges of being an abusive boss. You?"
"I had to clean up the Clam Shack after all-you-can-eat happy hour."

Ah, here comes Eddie, with her face made to look miserable no matter what.

Broad achieves his LTW (top of law career) and gets... um. I see a new career as Skeevy Lawyer ahead!

The heir portraits go up in the attic. At this point, there's very little room left. I think I can fit one more urn with a portrait. I could put some more portraits on walls, without urns, and I think that'll have to be the fate of Fuel and his future spouse, and Gen 10. After all, they probably won't have urns before this legacy ends.

Ah, the skeevy lawyering starts already! "Now that we've had our vigorous tub-based horseplay, let's talk about your grievance against your husband, shall we?"

~ ~ ~ Obligatory Legacy Kitchen Fire Picture ~ ~ ~

Fuel becomes a teenager and calls up the matchmaker and gets this feisty little filly, name of Ivy.
"Been watching the Self-Discovery Channel a little too much, huh Fuel?"

"C'mon, Ivy, it's fate! Look at us!"
"Yeah, we're wearing almost the same clothes. Did you shop at Bella Donna like I did?"

Whoa... Ivy somehow knew Twelve (the founder!) back in the day. Or maybe she's just really into zombies.

Sunrise on the beach and one big sandy kiss. Success! Did I mention they're both Romance sims?

Fuel starts sneaking out every night, sometimes with Ivy and sometimes with other girls, having way too much fun. Since his dad's a lawyer, Fuel needs to be careful.

ZOMG! IVY HAS AN IDENTICAL TWIN! THEY'RE PLAYING ELABORATE DATING HIJINKS ON FUEL! Man, if only that were true. That would make an awesome twist to the story.

Fuel inscribes in his journal... or is he actually cutting out words with a knife, to make an elaborate ransom note?!?!

Ah, young horny careless love.

Whoa, Glasgow smile on Ivy.

The ghosts seem quite happy at all the activity going on. Maybe they vicariously feel it?

And Fuel returns home in the wee hours, narrowly avoiding his parents who happen to be up to watch the sun rise!

NEXT INSTALLMENT: Many, many sexytimes.
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