Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Wait, what'd he say?

This week I'm driving Mom's van to work because it's got heat, as opposed to my Nissan. Wow, it's been nice to have heat, when driving over an hour in subfreezing weather. :) Anyway, her van also has a CD player, so I'm using the time to listen to lecture-course CDs while I drive.

The current guy is English, and I know to expect some differences in pronunciation between UK and US. But after a while, I realized that's not the reason for some of the differences here. Sometimes he sounds like Elmer Fudd channeling Ludwig von Drake. He says the following words a little strangely:

controversy = c'n-TROH-versy
skeletal = skeh-LEE-t'l
australopithecus = os-tr'l-oh-pith-EE-cus

I've never heard any English/UK person emphasize those syllables like that. I get distracted during the lecture, either trying to figure out what he just said, or waiting for the next Elmer/Ludwig/emphasis.

He is also a big fan of "Here's what we'll talk about in this lecture, and then we'll talk about this, and then we'll talk about this," and finally talk about it, and wrap up with "So in this lecture, we discussed..." Can the balloon juice and talk more about the subject! This course cost money!
Tags: car, school

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