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Sims update

Not sure how many readers there still are for the Gauge Legacy, but I'm currently on Gen 9; I think I might just bull on through to Gen 10 and make one big post at the end. That would make the third full legacy I've completed. Wow.

Plans for 2011: Get back to CoH Sims already; participate in (not organize) a Round Robin; do a Poverty Challenge. And because we all like polls, here's a poll about that last one!

Option 1: Boy and his dog. Origin: Time Travel
A teenager since I can get away with them living by themselves. Bennies: no trouble with scheduling right at the start; a built-in pet. Slaps: Interesting enough?

Option 2: Teenage boy and toddler sister. Origin: Family violence
Bennies: Drama involved with this kind of a family. Might be fun to start with something so difficult. Slaps: Too hard to start with, trying to keep the social worker at bay? Yeah, I could probably make it a teenage girl and her daughter, but I like the brother/sister vibe. (note: I don't have teen-pregnancy hacks, so that's out)

Option 3: Adult female who might have a couple of kids already. Origin: Woman who makes bad decisions
Bennies: even more drama with trying to keep the family together. I already have some personality ideas for the sims involved. Slaps: The pre-genned kids probably wouldn't count for heirs, so AF would have to still get pregnant again. Biggest potential for depressive storyline (which is a bennie or slap depending on your POV).

All of these have partial backstories or outlines, so they're not blank slate.

Poll #1667051 Poverty Challenge Founder

Which founder should be used for Laridian's Poverty Challenge?

Boy and his dog
Boy and younger sister
Single mom with two kids
I love ticky boxes!
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