Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Advent Fic #17: Striking the Lightning

Title: Striking the Lightning
Fandom: Lahri & Merki (action-hero alter egos of myself and mimerki
Warnings: None
Prompt: origific_bingo card, "cloud-watching"

The clouds promised violence.

Lahri could tell from the structure - the weather would turn bad tonight. In a more civilized place, she could have accessed or NOAA; here, in the depths of the jungle, communication with the outside world was patchy at best. The oncoming storm would drop that chance to nil.

Given a choice, it would be better to wait for better weather. But El Rayo was here, scouting the ancient temple complex for repurposing into a base and training camp, according to the terrified informant they'd spoken with that morning. If Lahri & Merki waited too long, they might miss the window of opportunity.

Lahri missed the days of running gunbattles with La Dictatora's troops, but the distaff dictator had checked into the Betty Ford Clinic for reasons of alcoholism. In her place, Lahri & Merki now faced El Rayo, a more dangerous and rising crime lord. Already he had proved more ruthless than his precedessor, murdering anyone who stood in his way and enjoying the activity immensely, according to rumor.

"He's just entered the compound by the west pyramid," Scotty's voice piped in Lahri's earpiece.

"Thanks, Scotty," Merki said through the same relay. "We'll take it from here. Ready, Lahri?"

"Ready." Lahri shouldered her gear and slipped into the jungle to meet up with Merki for the mission.
Tags: mercs
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