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Book Review: History's Last Stand

Book review time! History's Last Stand by Gerard and Patricia del Re

The back copy implies this will either be funny/snarky or dramatic. It's neither. It reads like a "blog book" - a collection of stuff thrown together for a book deal.

HLS suffers from erratic coverage. It notes Belle Starr's last day alive, but not who she was. It's presumed the reader knows. I had to Wikipedia her, and okay, she's interesting, but not enough IMO to deserve an entry for Her Last Dying Day. One of Bugsy Siegel's entries notes that he hated the nickname Bugsy, but nowhere is his actual name mentioned. The factual errors are all over the place - Pompeii is incorrectly described as a major cultural center for Rome (it was a provincial town), dates are wrong, the list goes on and on.

Recommendation: A decent enough "tank topper" (plunk it on the toilet tank and skim it when you're using the facilities), but still, get it from the library. There are better tank toppers out there. On second thought, don't get this one at all. Take your phone or iPad and browse the internet instead.
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