Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Yes, it's time to think about Halloween costumes already

I mean, it's May! Of course I have to start working on them now!

I've thought of a theme, and this year it'll probably be me and the kids all in the same theme. Mom said if I can find a pattern and go at least halvsies on the supplies, she'll sew the costumes. (The reasons: 1. she is more experienced; 2. she will have more time) The kids think it's a cool theme idea, too. So first up is making sure I can find/adapt a pattern.

Granted, what would also be cool would be a four-day convention, say, that I could actually attend, so I could use all these costumes more than once a year. (Dr. Horrible/Mad Scientist; Zell from Final Fantasy VIII; generic pirate; chainmail bikini etc)
Tags: cosplay, halloween
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