Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Evidently, Imp needs to join Cub Scouts

Tomorrow, Pixie and I have a church retreat for First Communion (about 3 hours and we get cookies and juice and make crafts together, in between a homily and some Important Classes), so Imp asked if he could have a friend over during that time. I said sure, I'd call his friends' moms.

Friend #1: Gave Imp an incorrect phone #.
Friend #2: "Sorry, he's going camping with the Cub Scouts this weekend."
Friend #3: "Sorry, he's going camping with the Cub Scouts this weekend." They may even be in the same pack for all I know.
Friend #4: left a voice message, then remembered that last time we invited him over, we never heard back.

At this point, I feel I've done what I can, and Imp may have to (ohnoes!) play games on my computer during that time instead. :P

I need a new pic of Imp, this current icon is probably closing in on two years now.

Also, Mom bought piecrusts and berries, so I made a mixed-berry pie. And I found a copy of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis that works on Vista! Woot!

OK, on to writing stuff for next week now...
Tags: church, imp
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