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Androsynth Chronicles: A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle
Fandom: Androsynth Chronicles
Warnings: None
Notes: Continuing the "coffee at Christmas" story.

Nick was not happy at all when he arrived at the back door to the church. But he brought the coffee, made black, and handed the pot over to one of Dean's underlings, as Nick thought of them. Then he went into the church through the front door to see how things went.

~ ~ ~

The crowd wasn't much smaller than before Dean's announcement. Dean hoped there wouldn't be trouble. The church was tolerated by most Androsynth, not loved, and Dean dreaded the possibility of destruction of the building under the guise of a coffee riot.

So far, though, the audience was quiet and paying attention, and he was glad he'd put extra effort into the Christmas sermon. On Earth he'd heard the old joke many times:

Did you pay attention at church?
I sure did.
What was the sermon about?
Was he for it or agin' it?

Most Androsynth sins were petty ones, since they had room to go elsewhere when they irritated each other enough, and the heavy hand of the Council reminding people to behave. Sadly, the anti-church sentiment was the cause of the worst problems in some years.

Now it was time for Holy Communion, and Dean realized he should have asked Nick for a mug of some kind, as the chalice might be hard to hold once it held hot coffee. Well, too late now.

The half pound of coffee wouldn't go far, even watered down, even if everyone took only a sip, and Dean knew that wasn't going to happen. Come to think of it, a caffeine-wired congregation that had been decaffeinated for decades might pose its own problems...

~ ~ ~

Holy Communion came and went without trouble, though Dean was amazed there was any coffee left. His brothers and sisters in the church were now very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Dean himself could feel the caffeine working from his own mouthful of coffee.

Then the end of Mass, some announcements, and it was time for an overview of what it meant to join the church, including weekly Mass and confession and all the things necessary to be a good churchgoer. He lost some visitors at this point, but Dean was okay with that. Better to weed out those who weren't serious.

At length he wrapped up his talk and gestured for the coffeepot to be brought forward. Somehow there was still enough to make the chalice look full. That was odd, Dean thought; maybe someone had watered it down a little to make it stretch. It was still hot, too, thanks to the emergency procurement of a hot plate.

Now there was a newer, longer line of supplicants for coffee, and Dean hoped they'd stay peaceful when the coffee ran out. Each one took a generous mouthful - a few tried for chugging - so all too soon, Dean had to make the show of pouring the absolute last drops from the pot into the chalice.

More coffee came out of the pot, filling the chalice very nicely, thank you.

Dean knew there was no way anyone could've watered it down again, not when the pot had been on the altar this whole time. Nor could anyone have switched pots. There simply wasn't any more coffee to make, which left a big question as to where the never-emptying coffee pot's contents were -

Dean blinked. Could it be? He had no doubt God could do miracles if he wanted to, and undoubtedly had in recent times, whether said miracles were recognized or not. But a miracle of coffee?

Why not? They Androsynth had no need of loaves or fishes; they had food and to spare. What they had little enough of was the one thing they all thirsted for. If that happened to be a different sort of water of life than the Bible specified, Dean wasn't going to argue, nor was he going to turn away a potential miracle.
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