Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Xstitch: Winter Kitten

This is part of a birthday present package for iceraptoress, who has finally received it, so I can now post about it. :)

I had first seen one of those "Daydreams" kits by Dimensions a few years ago of a gray cat looking out a window at a winter scene. Last year I thought, "You know, that would make a nice gift for iceraptoress since she has the gray cat." But it turns out that that kit was discontinued, so we had to search the Internet for a copy of it. Toly found one on auction and we got it right around Christmastime, making this a necessary quick turnaround.

The piece itself has four colors of blue and a billion several shades of khaki, gray, and pewter, plus multiple other shades of stuff and, for variety, brown. It's on gray fabric and the design intentionally leaves some areas empty.

Then the matboard, preprinted mat, glass, etc. are all assembled when you're completely done, to give you this:

(Taken in winter daylight, no less. The glass makes indoor photography a challenge)

I really like the effect between the xstitch and the mat, so the snowy branches seem to overlap the window. The glass is attached with clips, so it's a frameless piece.

I actually got it completed a few days before her birthday, but then it still had to be mailed, and that took a couple extra days, so it was a wee bit late, but at least it got there in one piece! :)
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