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Soundtracks Master List

This is not a complete listing of the fanmixes and soundtracks I've made over the years (I first started in 2005). However, these are the ones with current, working post links. I plan to re-release the older ones as I get them re-uploaded and in some cases improved with better art or extras. Let me know if any of the links are bad.

Once a fandom/theme gets 3 fanmixes, it gets its own category. Says so right here in the handbook.

Miscellaneous Soundtracks

Songs About Onions Nine songs about or referencing onions, more or less. What was it about the 1960s that generated so many onion songs (about half the mix)?

Songs About Bananas Eight songs about or referencing bananas. If I keep this up I could have a whole boxed set of food-themed fanmixes.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: This is Ubsolootleh Fussinating

I Live For Sleep Gift mix for iliveforsleep, all about sleep and dreams.

Octopockles Gift mix for iceraptoress - songs about octopi and squids.

Who You Gonna Call? A Real Ghostbusters mix, for one of my favorite cartoons of the 1980s.

Video Game Soundtracks

Mort Noir: A Grim Fandango Fanmix

November 2 Remember: A Grim Fandango Fanmix Lots of instrumental tracks.

Plants vs Zombies: Get Ready to Soil Your Plants! Includes screencaps of the game.

Laridian's Video Games Greatest Hits, Volume 1 Twenty songs from or about video and computer games I've enjoyed.

Video Games Greatest Hits, Volume 2 Second verse, same as the first!

Plants vs. Zombies: Lawn of the Dead Great cover pic, more songs about, you guessed it, zombies.

He's Incredibly Evil, Isn't He?: A Day of the Tentacle Fanmix Just what it says on the tin!

Androsynth Chronicles: Flawless By Design A companion soundtrack to the Androsynth Chronicles.

Secret of Evermore. I continue my habit of making fanmixes for very-tiny-fandom games.

BioShock: Drowned Dreams. Covers concepts of both games.

Monkey Island Fanmixes

That Island Charm First fanmix (2005), this is the re-release.

A Pirate I Was Meant To Be More piratey goodness! Lots of art!

More Monkey Madness Thirty-three (count 'em) remixes of music from the Monkey Island series from the first four games (Secret, LeChuck's Revenge, Curse and Escape).

Dead Man's Hand. All-new art and songs! Art uses the Tarot deck featured in Tales of Monkey Island.

United States of Music

I was collecting a lot of vintage music (which I consider anything pre-rock-and-roll) and realized I had several songs about states within the USA. Naturally, this meant I had to collect fifty of them - one for every state in the union. The rules I set for myself:
  • the name of the state had to be in the song title;
  • it should ideally have something to do with the state in question;
  • it could not be a school or university song, or official state song, wherever possible.

The rest of the choosing was based entirely on what sounded good to me. There's a lot of vintage stuff, but also some more recent tracks.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

Sims 2 Fanmixes

SimSational! My first fanmix. PLACEHOLDER - art and post are still there, but the music link has expired and needs to be re-uploaded.

Tellerman Legacy Soundtrack #1 (repost) A song for each major player in the Tellerman Legacy, whose story list can be found here.

Tellerman Legacy Soundtrack #2 A second set of music for the Tellermans. Includes lots of art.

Tecza Legacy Soundtrack With a song for each color of this rainbow/awesimsauce family.

Gauge Legacy Soundtrack: Twenty Gauge With a song for each generation of the legacy.

Fallout 3 Fanmixes

Vault of the Future Lots of screenshot art and midcentury music as well as the Fallout 3 theme and other tracks.

A Tour of the Capital Wasteland Lots of map screencaps, and music selections inspired by various locations of the Wasteland.

Bullets, Beans & Band-Aids. Still more post-apocalyptic good(?)ness!
~ ~ ~

City of Heroes/City of Villains Fanmixes

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! City of Heroes, my first group (long gone now). PLACEHOLDER - art and post are still there, but the music link has expired and needs to be re-uploaded.

Shadows in the Light City of Villains mix, mostly focusing on Black Sunday, but also includes some good art.

Black Sunday Fanmix for my villain team in City of Villains.

~ ~ ~

CoH Sims Fanmixes

Note: These links do not currently contain links to the music - those have all expired. These are placeholders so I can go back and re-upload all the music.

Season Two
No One Lives Forever
Here We Go Again!

Suggestions are welcome.
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