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From head to toes

Yesterday evening: wash hair. Style while wet. Let air-dry. Hair should lie down, and have small bangs.
Wake up: hair is fauxhawk.
Wet hair down and try again.
Remember that I'll be wearing a hat for an hour on the way to work.
Drive to work with knit hat pulled over my head.
Get to work, remove hat: I now have a "swirly". Whee! The comb that has rattled about in my messenger bag for weeks has vanished! I try to finger-comb hair into something less bird's-nesty.
Basia, upon seeing result: "Did you get a haircut?"

Before lunch: my feet are clammy. Argh, damp socks until I get home. Hey, wait! I have a spare pair in my desk, from last summer! And I can put the damp ones on top of my console to dry out and get nice and warm for the way home! I did this last year and it worked just fine.

Lunch: I forgot my lunch! Lucky for me I still have some credit on a Subway gift card.
Walking home from lunch: bird defecates, narrowly misses me, but gets my bag instead. >_< I manage to extract the bag contents safely.

Afternoon: Hey, it's in the low 50s today! Not that bad! But tomorrow the high will be in the 40s... and Friday we're supposed to get temps down to 20, and a high at freezing, and possibly rain, and... ack. [The snow flurry in December was bad enough. Subfreezing temps plus icy roads? Houston will become down right dangerous if that happens.)

Meanwhile, I brought the plants into the house. The downstairs stays at 65, so it's warmer than they've had for weeks, but the freezing temps won't improve any in the garage, and I don't want to lose the citrus.
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