Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Advent Fic #13: First Things First

First Things First
Fandom: Tellerman Legacy
Characters: Josen (gen 9 heir) plus the rest of the family: Josen's wife candice, his sister Kefira and her husband Olivier, and the four grown kids, Isis, Osiris (J&C's), Hudson and Maureen (K&O's).
Notes: Takes place after the official end of the legacy ("Red Sky at Morning"), when Josen moves the whole family to an undisclosed location following Earth's defeat in the Ur-Quan War.

It was a good spot, defensible, with a cave they could live in at least part of the year. The surrounding rock would help temperature-regulate it, too. A creek nearby; they'd have to sterilize water before any use, but it was water. South-facing entrance, lots of wooded territory, for fuel and game. They could clear space for truck crops. In short, the perfect survivalist location, Josen thought.

The members of his large family complained, of course. They didn't appreciate the work he'd put into making sure they stayed alive and healthy. If it weren't for him, they wouldn't have made it out of the city. Food riots had started while they were on the way here.

He wondered what winter would be like, this first one under the slave shield. How did the field interfere with sunlight? What effects would it have on plant life, animal migrations, weather? Josen was very glad he'd canned, smoked, dried and otherwise preserved enough food to feed the family for two years - longer if they could grow, hunt or gather food to supplement. Not that the family would appreciate that, either.

"Josen?" His wife Candice, on second thought, had been the closest thing to support on this life-or-death project. "Where's the bathroom, or latrine, or whatever we'll be using?"

Josen stared at her. He hadn't thought of that, being male and able to use the "men's tree" while in the wildnerness.

"Someone has to go?" he asked.

"More than one," Candice clarified. "We waited because we were hauling everything up here, but we women would prefer not to use the 'women's tree' if we can avoid it. We need at least a toilet, Josen."

So it was that while the women unloaded and unpacked the first load of supplies, Josen set his brother-in-law and nephew to digging a pit far enough away from water and cave, and Josen himself took his son to teach him the ways of scrounging planks from the crumbling barn they'd passed that morning, to make a latrine with a seat.
Tags: tellerman legacy

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