Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Feeling better

Got maybe 1/2 hour rest, then talked on the phone with the_gaunt_man (mostly about CoH), got some xstitch done, and the weather improved, so I'm feeling better, albeit still tired.

Goals for the rest of the day: more xstitch, scan xstitch WIP, finish Nano for today, maybe write or plot something else, go to bed early tonight.

I kinda feel like creating another CoH alt for the 9s but I don't think I've got time, and I really like blasters and scrappers, and I already have one of each of those...

I need some new icons, too... I ran a few of the ones I have exactly once, and I'd like to replace them... and I need to get one for Lynn (Androfics) since she's starting to crop up regularly, and I still don't have a good pic for either the gunner or Grif.
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