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Matchmaker for One (Gauge) Legacy Master List

Gauge Legacy
(Matchmaker for One)

Here's the master list of all the Gauge (Matchmaker for One) Legacy installments, including the rules.

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Matchmaker for One Legacy Rules. All you need to know to incorporate MM4-1 rules into your own legacy.

Matchmaker for One: The Beginning.Our founder, ladies and gentlemen, kicking off the randomness of matchmaker-selected spouses. Yes, her name is Twelve Gauge.

In Which Twelve Gauge Becomes One With the Crab. Twelve gets married, gets a job, has a kid... and Sheldon continues to wear the astronaut suit.

Old Fart Jamboree! What's a college graduate to do, surrounded by elders?

Ten Things About Makoto St. Julien The high school senior review of Makoto St. Julien's life. Just imagine what else he got up to before he met and married Gen 2 heir Pressure Gauge?

Weather Related Disasters Something about Gen 3 heir Weather Gauge doesn't seem quite right...

In Goth We Lust. Weather gets gothy and gets some, in that order. She also gets a husband, who gets her pregnant, which results in a kid who gets ignored.

We Got One! As Gen 4 heir Stream starts growing up, do the Gauges continue their downward spiral?

A Hippie Chick, Six Ghosts, and a Closet Scotsman. Gen 4 heir Stream gets an interesting spouse, and the ghosts get busy (but not in a good way).

You and Me and the Moon. Aliens. Need I say more?

Here Be Dragons. Everyone has nice lives, which makes this the calm before the storm. Well, and Gen 5 heir Wire dresses kinda scary.

The Endless Bummer. The storm arrives! Holy cow, what a lot of drama.

Magic Moments. Boost Gauge breaks all the rules. Sorta.

Three Men and a Baby Witches and ghosts and spectral cats!
Outtakes/Notes for Three Men and a Baby

Friends Only! Estimate Gauge's teenage blogjournal.

Someone Left a Cake Out in the Rain Estimate Essie/Eddie Gauge deals with her dads' "delusions", her gender-identity issues, and getting married.
Outtakes/Notes for Friends Only! and Someone Left a Cake Out in the Rain

Walkin' in our Winter Underwear Eddie and Ravi have twins and a home business - which kid will return from college to continue the story?
Outtakes/Notes for Walkin' in our Winter Underwear

Cake or Death Generations 8 and 9 and the beginnings of illicit romance(s).

Give It Up for WooHoo! Generation 9's Fuel Gauge certainly does.

SRS BSNS. The Gauge Legacy comes to an end. Two-parter (it's huge!).

Twenty Gauge: The Gauge Legacy Soundtrack. A song for each generation.
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