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The Incredibles = Laridian Squeeage Heard For Miles

I have no icon suitable for such squeeage as is about to occur ;)

Okay... time to squee about... THE INCREDIBLES!!!

OMGTHISMOVIERAWKS!!!!oneone! There, I got the biggest squeeage out of the way (I hope ;). Seriously, this movie was everything I hoped and more. It managed to push all my superhero buttons, so to speak.

Family life for people with superpowers! A married couple that actually LOVES each other and is not struggling with infidelity! (I cannot tell you how much I am sick of that particular theme in movies, books and TV.) Simply beautiful imagery.

Of course, the CoH geek in me starts playing "categorize the hero!". Mr. Incredible is a superstrength/invulnerability tanker. Dash is a superspeed/superreflexes ... er, scrapper? I forget which powerset that is. Violet is the forcefield/invisibility controller. Mrs. Incredible (ElastiGirl) kinda defies CoH description, of course, but Frozone is ice/ice blaster, looks like. (CoH friends, feel free to weigh in with your own judgments ;)

Seriously, though, this movie was so wonderful. Of course we'll be buying it when it's out on DVD, presuming we can hold on until the special edition that will inevitably show up.

The Edith Head-channeling designer's speech on capes (and what happens by the end). The pro-family message. And a rather un-PC message that I personally was so glad to hear spoken:

Helen (Mrs. Incredible): "Everyone's special, Dash."
Dash: "If everyone's special, than no one's special."

I can't wait for the chance to freeze-frame on the list of heroes that Mr. Incredible finds, deep in the enemy base. (Squee warning: Some of them looked so cool!)

Unlike, say, Shrek 2 and possibly other animated films lately that I haven't seen, there was a refreshing lack of pop-culture references. I suspect TI will age much better than the Shreks and their ilk.

I had more when I first got back, but then there was three hours of assorted dinner-cooking, childcare and the like, so I'll probably remember it when it's too late to matter anymore. :)
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