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Tecza Legacy Master List

Rules and lineup The Tecza Legacy is a round robin legacy, a rainbow legacy, and follows the "awesimsauce" rules as well! Each generation has a different color theme and rules requirement.

Here is the link for the rainbow legacy rules: http://community.livejournal.com/awesimsauce/793.html

Tecza Legacy Soundtrack. A song for each generation of the Tecza Legacy, starting with Sapphire.

Optional Prelude: Faultline & Fusionette. This shows the origin of Sapphire, who goes on to start the Teczas. This story is not required, but might be of interest for backstory. :)

Generation 1: Blue (da ba dee). The first generation, Blue, featuring Sapphire and Cobalt Tecza. By laridian

Generation 2: Purple Haze. Second generation, Purple, with the horrifying curse brought on by witchery. By iceraptoress

Generation 3: Back in Black. Third generation, Black, and the Tecza line takes a frightening and manic-depressive turn. By madame_ugly

Generation 4: Orange Colored Sky! The Orange generation has a nice happy time. By amaryssobellus

Generation 5: Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter The Brown generation, by contrast, is totally snakebit. By laridian

Generation 6: It's Not Easy Being Green The Green installment continues the bittersweet history of the Teczas. By teffielynne

Generation 7: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road The Yellow generation discovers some of the lost past of the Teczas, and a forgotten face returns. By iceraptoress

Generation 8: Beyond the Sunset The Red generation keeps up the family contacts, and discovers an exotic new culture. By silentsteel

Dear Ruby Selected emails from the Yellow and Red generations, and the closure of Ebony's story.

Generation 9: Snakebit Peonies The Pink generation runs into trouble with child protective services. By silentsteel

Generation 10: Let's See How Far We've Come The White generation wraps it all up with a surprise twist. By iceraptoress

Hobby Plaques achieved:
Nature (Gen 4)
Fitness (Gen 4)
Gaming (Gen 4)
Tinkering (Gen 4)
Arts & Crafts (Gen 4)
All the others in Gen 6

Vacation Memories achieved:
Seville Tecza (Gen 4): all Asian memories except the ninja (amaryssobellus)
All Vacation Memories achieved in Gen 6 teffielynne)


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