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Today's to-do list

Bring in trash cans and recycling bins
Read newspaper

Read/finish 1 magazine
Nanowrimo 1667 words - 1668! woot!
Thank-you notes for birthday presents
Laundry: 1+ load
Pot roast for dinner - in slow cooker
Make hair appt for me, K for Thanksgiving trip
Make dr appt for K for her 3-yr checkup
Upgrade Photobucket to premium
Reschedule my dr appt that the office already rescheduled once >_< - no luck there
Work on homemade cookbook
Mail run
Take kids to park if it's not too wet out - went to zoo instead!
Get new tracphone set up
Buy Bday present for Bro's youngest
Start buying Xmas presents for people, w/delayed ordering where possible:
- Toly
- Folks
- Toly's mom
- Bro
- Bro's wife
- Bro's kids, individually and together
- Gram
Argh, what to get for his brothers, if anything?...

More to come, most likely...
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