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After much too long, Ray "Heat Lightning" Jeffries has finally hit level 50 in City of Heroes! :D

Ray started off waaaaay back when, a few months after the game started, with a costume from the "random" button on the costume generator and a concept. :D

Man, that was one ugly costume

He eventually became a very fleshed-out character with much better outfits, but approximately 2 years into the game, the group (not the current one) broke up. Ray was left without enough people to play with regularly, and I'm not into PUGs if I can avoid it. We played a lot of City of Villains the next year because that was what shewolfe had at first, but gradually she got Heroes, and others of my friends signed on to the game as well.

A later outfit that became the defining costume for Ray

Then Ray's journey to 50 took a while just because he was only hero-ing on alternate Sundays. (We play heroes one Sunday, villains the next.) Plus we had to get the rest of the team up to that level also; that took a little while. ;) So finally, at long last, everyone was about at 49.5 and it was TIME!

Ray's "family" outfit - the official Philadelphia J-Stars costume.
He hated it. Spandex and a cape!

...then last night the internet and cable completely died about 15 minutes before game time. D: I didn't get in for about 90 minutes, which delayed everything, as the rest of the team thoughtfully waited for me and didn't run off to hit 50 without me. (Thanks, guys and gals! ILU too! :D

So after almost 5 years, Ray is 50 at last! Huzzah! :D
I want to thank all my friends who helped get him to this point. You guys and gals are the greatest!

The tail end of the "ding"
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