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Durrance Legacy: Blast from the Past

While transferring files over to the new computer, I poked around in the Storytelling folders, which I normally never look at because I don't use the in-game camera. Those folders are weird; there's all kinds of pictures in there presumably from Maxis, which I've never seen in the game, and sometimes there are pix from my own characters, but with no rhyme or reason to them.

Anyway, I did find some really, really old pictures of Finch Durrance, founder of the Durrance legacy! He started life in college, and I always figured I had taken some pix of him at some point, but never knew where they were, and that was a few years ago, you know? There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. In fact, I forgot what he looked like in college, except for that one icon of mine (for "sleepy") that is of him sleeping.

The pictures are on the lo-res side, I'm afraid.

Wow. I put him in a camo tanktop and tan pants? Yikes. But he had the custom hair, eyes and skintone I got from TSR, back in the day.

This is what I mean by "why are these pictures here?" I mean, I can't see why I would've taken this picture, even if I used the in-game camera (which I never have at all). Okay, it's Finch, sitting, talking... and?

Finch sleeping (yep, the one from which the icon was made).

Finch talks to Sinjin Young, who eventually married Finch's daughter Carla, and Sinjin and Carla produced Raja, the Gen 3 co-heir. Yes, I actually cultivated a friendship between the two of them because I liked Sinjin's looks and wanted to keep him around, and this was the easiest way, since he was a walkby at the college.

Finch frets over homework. Another "and this pic was important, why?" pic.

Finch in the early days before he married Melissa Fancey.

Last but not least, Finch goes to work in the Law Enforcement career to achieve his LTW of Captain Hero.

Quite the blast from the past, eh?
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