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CoH Sims: The All Male Bachelor Challenge

It's time for the All Male Bachelor Challenge. It's also completely canon with CoH Sims' main storyline. So there!

Warnings: None
Outtakes and extras are at the end of the installment.

It's been a long time since CoH Sims was last updated, so here's a quick refresher. Joseph "Teff" Teflin is one of the so-called "Immortals," who stopped aging decades ago in incidents which resulted in broken, magical crystal shards implanted in their bodies. It's a long story, you can read up about it in earlier episodes and text fics if you really want to. Teff eventually married Guy Marlin and they settled down and raised a family.

At the end of CoH Sims Season One, trouble struck when several villainous types decided they wanted the immortality-granting shards and tried to kill the Immortals for them. (The Immortals are so-called because of their non-aging longevity; they are not unkillable.) Following the "Endgame" story arc, the Immortals and some of their families packed up and moved from Rhode Island to Montana to hide out for a while. "A while" turned into a generation. Early into their stay in Montana, Guy left a goodbye note and took off, abandoning Teff and causing a great deal of drama and confusion in the household.

It's now been seventeen years since then in the CoH Sims timeline, as Teff's grandchildren have grown from the babies they were when Guy left, to the teenagers preparing for college that they are now. Teff looks much younger than his sons Aaron and Joe, and only a little older than his grandchildren Lyle, Vivian and Conor. Aaron and Joe have decided it's time for their Pop to move on after all this time.

"Hi, Aaron. Sorry I'm a little late. Have you spoken to Dad about it yet?"
"No, not yet. He and Ripp are inside and we're having the last of Conor's birthday cake. I hope he'll agree to this."

"I'm sure he will. He's getting antsy about wanting more kids, I think, or grandkids, and neither of those is going to happen anytime soon, the way things are going. I sure hope none of our kids become teenage parents, at least!"

"Bite your tongue, Joe! But I hope you're right."
"Don't worry, Aaron. Just remember what we talked about."

~ ~ ~

" - you're telling me this is some kind of reality dating show? You really thought I'd go on something like that? We're supposed to be hiding here in Three Wolf Peak! Besides, those shows are so fake - you know they just keep recycling the same character archetypes."

"Teff, no, this isn't a reality show. Trust us," Aaron's husband Ripp said. "It's just a getaway of anywhere from a week to two months. Like an extended vacation."

"Pop, you haven't taken a vacation since we moved here," Aaron pointed out. "And let's face it, the dating pool in this town is small to nothing."

"What's the dating pool got to do with me taking a vacation?" Teff countered.
"Because... well, Pop, I don't think Dad is coming back ever. He's had plenty of time to do so, and I think we all know it. You can't be alone the rest of your life. It's not healthy."

"Look," Teff bristled, "I was alone before I met your father - "
"And you weren't happy," Aaron said quietly. "You told us that yourself. At heart, you're a family man."
Joe added, "We don't want you to be lonely, Pop."

This was something all the Immortals were going through right now: the passing on of loved ones as they remained young and unchanging. Some were adjusting better to the concept than others.
"I'm not lonely," Teff muttered.
"Teff, at some point, Aaron and Joe and I won't be around," Ripp said in a reasonable voice. "The kids aren't going to stay in the Peak. They'll leave for college and find jobs somewhere else, somewhere that has jobs. There's nothing for them here. Three Wolf Peak is dying out as a town. Once we go, and the kids move on, we don't want you staying here all alone."
"We want you to find someone," Joe explained. "Aaron and I are okay with it. We want you to start dating and find someone again."

There were several seconds of silence while Ripp, Aaron and Joe held their collective breath.
"All right," Teff said grudgingly. "But I don't understand why you want me to do this getaway thing."

"Because you haven't dated in, what, fifty-plus years? This will be a chance for you to relax and ease back into it."
"And look for someone outside the Peak," Aaron added.
"It'll cost - " Teff began, but Ripp interrupted him. "Don't worry about the cost, Teff. We've already paid for everything. All you have to do is pack your bags, show up, and have a good time."

~ ~ ~

Pack my bags, show up, have a good time. What was I thinking?
He'd gotten more details once he'd begun the trip. It was sort of a lonely-hearts club crossed with Outward Bound, from the sound of it. Lots of outdoor activities (which he approved of), lots of chances to socialize with a bunch of strangers all looking for that Special Someone (which he wasn't sure he approved of).

Teff had insisted on not taking the trip until winter, when the Peak's dude ranch was closed and he wouldn't be needed as a guide/wrangler until next spring. It didn't matter if his sons had already paid ahead, he had a job to do and money to earn.

"Winter" was a lot milder once he left Montana, though, and got to Rocky Ridge. Check-in went smoothly, the staff was of the silent-and-efficient type, and he learned he'd be bunking with seven other men in Jenison House.

Teff got there a few minutes before the others, long enough to stow his suitcase and claim a single bed. He still felt twitchy about all this. It didn't seem right somehow. Sure, the rules on dating had changed a little in fifty-some years, but did he really need to be here?

Then he saw the blond one.

Guy had been blond. Teff had figured he'd never find that attractive again, after Guy ran off, but it seemed fair hair was just as appealing as it had ever been.

He did wonder if there were any criteria in choosing who got to bunk in this house, or if it was simply whoever had paid for the trip and ended up here at this time. There promised to be some initial sorting-out of personalities.

Teff's Roommates

Carmine DeTreville Carmine has ties to organized crime and (judging from his pointed ears) there's some alien in his lineage (since everything "weird" can be traced back to aliens). He's in this more for the vacation part than to meet someone. He's also "lying low" after a business-related misunderstanding, resulting in one or more unfortunate premature inhumations. These things happen sometimes in business, you know? Misunderstandings can be so unfortunate, which is why he's not using his real name on this trip, either.

Log Justice Log Justice is a sweet and caring guy, with a tendency to be more sensitive than is for his own good. He comes from a highly intellectual household, where education and free inquiry are valued, so he is well-read, with an intellectual vocabulary, and will often request more information or clarification. But he never attended public school, and this lack of exposure to the world at large has made him unprepared for some of the harsher behaviors out there. His own sincerity and compassion leaves him utterly surprised - and unsure of how to react - when other people behave without sincerity or compassion. He's polite and well-mannered, which can help bring out the best in others, except in those situations where the polite and well-mannered get totally trampled.

Quentin Cedar Quentin comes from a large family, and he looks forward to one day being able to settle down and start a family of his own. However, he also admits that he has a roving eye, and as such, is greatly enjoying the search for the perfect spouse. He doesn't mind if a guy is a little scruffy around the face, but it's not a dealbreaker if he doesn't fit that criteria. Quentin is a playful man who would rather go out and spend time in nature than stay home and work on housekeeping tasks. He signed up for the getaway because he thought it sounded like fun, regardless of whether he meets someone.

Kain Nosgothic The term for what his family was somewhere between necromancers and vampires - with Necromancer fitting more accurately - along with the cold temper and disdain for conventional ties that usually went with those two words. But Kain had always been considered an aberration. Still, he needs to know that his "kingdom" is thriving, and his manners and behavior can be a little off-putting to new acquaintances. In other words, he's both amoral and verbose - a potentially deadly combination in social settings.

Tag van Keuren Tag van Keuren's most exciting life event to date was being washed up on a deserted island with only a few other sims for company. Life on an isolated island made Tag a little strange, but in reality he's a temperamental Fortune/Knowledge sim with Tinkering OTH. He enjoys carpentry and metal working, model building, hiking and camping. All of this stood him in good stead while stranded on Nonferyuu Island. He comes from a middle class rural background, is a hard worker with good ethics and understands finances and investing.

Robinton Ouroboros Robinton is the middle child. He has an older sister, who's a very butch lesbian, and a younger sister who's a spoiled brat. He's related to the Doohickeys, who are known for their ugly breeding. Shy and intellectual, Robinton enjoys playing chess and working on his robotics abilities. His shyness is how he ended up here, where he'll be forced to interact with others and, with luck, meet someone he truly likes.

Guillermo Valenzuela
Guillermo Valenzuela is the older twin by a few minutes to his brother Alejandro. Though his father was a Romance sim, his mother and grandparents showered him with affection. Despite having a secondary aspiration of Romance himself, he cares greatly about family, especially the need to provide for them financially. Nicknamed "Mo" by loved ones, his pastimes include playing in the bathtub and making beds.

~ ~ ~

Indeed, Kain did not get along well with anyone, making Teff wonder if the man was here out of desperation and many other failed attempts at dating.

I could swear I recognize that one guy from somewhere. But that couldn't be. I mean, one of the DeTreville crime family here? Man, just the thought sends chills up my spine... but it couldn't be one of them. Why would he hide out here at the gay men's lonely-hearts cabin?

The living arrangements were quite nice. There would be daily maid service, weekly laundry pickup, and three buffet meals a day. Activities included hiking, birding, stargazing, and other outdoor activities, weather permitting.

"This is first class, gents. All the buffet food you can eat, no schedule... it's like summer camp for adults!"

Teff got along well with most of his roommates. The first few meals were quiet, but as time went on and they got to know each other better, friendships began developing.

There was one exception, though: Kain. He and Teff did not get along well. For that matter, Kain didn't get along well with anyone.
"Jeez, Kain, just because I'm gay doesn't mean I know beans about fashion."

"You deny the artistic genius of Orion Raincloud's summer line?!"

~ ~ ~

"Jeez, Log. Doused yourself with enough Drakkar Noir?"

"Hey! Tagmonster! Tell that story about how you killed the boar with your bare hands again!"

Despite his interest in trying out the hot tubs, Teff was a bit shy about actually joining everyone. He noticed Quentin avoided the tubs, too.
"So, you don't want to turn into a prune either, huh?"
"Oh, it's not that," Quentin said. "Sometimes I just like to get some time by myself. That's all."

Still, eventually they did join the others, partly from peer pressure, and partly because soaking in hot water did feel good after a hard day of hiking up the nearby mountains.

Guillermo, though - what was up with him wearing an entire wetsuit in a hot tub? Some kind of germ phobia?

On days when the weather kept them cooped up, sometimes it was harder to get along with everyone, but on the whole, Teff found himself enjoying the trip.

Besides the other manly activities, there were TV and movie nights, with a notable absence of romance and chick flicks.

"Which do you think was funnier in last week's double feature - Dead By Morning or Dead By Mid-Morning?"
"Kain, those were both graphic horror movies..."

Granted, Kain was a problem.
"Look, I'm not saying he's out to get anyone, but sometimes I just don't feel safe around him."

"Sometimes I wake up and catch him staring at me. It's creepy."

"I had enough creepy stuff on that island. Something's gotta be done."

Tag wasn't the only one with complaints about Kain's behavior, and after only a few days, he was invited to cut short his stay.

~ ~ ~

"Look, seriously, weren't you in the news? Something about that big trial that led to Vinnie "The Coxcomb" Rastafelli going to the Zig for life?"

Granted, it wasn't like Kain's departure made everything all hunky dory. There were still differences of opinion.

But the longer he stayed here, the more Teff was enjoying his vacation.

Especially when, one afternoon, Tag made his move.

Seventeen years was a long time to be alone. Too long.

"C'mon," Tag said, "Let's go outside for a minute."

~ ~ ~

"We could forget the rest of this trip right now," Tag said. "I know a great little island to escape to. Hell, I can even catch and cook anything we'd want to eat."

Tag kept talking about making their own, personal getaway, but Teff was quiet. He hadn't really thought about it until now, when someone was paying this kind of attention to him, but whoever he ended up with... assuming he did end up with someone... he wouldn't age, and they would. Sooner or later he'd have to tell them about his situation, or he'd have to make an excuse, and end the relationship. How was he supposed to do that, if he found someone he wanted to settle down with?

~ ~ ~

"Rob? What's wrong?"
"My family called - there's paperwork involved and I have to be back there for pre-settling the inheritance. It's a long story. Anyway, I've got to head home."

To be continued!

And now for the notes and the outtakes. Man, it's hard to write these as serious stories!

As you can see from Teff's wants panel in the story, he's got those Family needs pretty badly.
Ripp: "Maybe if we just get him laid, it'll help, d'you think? And if he's not careful, he'll end up with that baby he wants so bad."
Joe: "Hey, that might work!"
Aaron: "You two should be ashamed!"

Here's the house, which is the Jenison by iceraptoress. I wanted something one-story to avoid stair issues, and a small lot so it would play easily on my increasingly cramped computer. I added all the furniture and the two hot tubs, which come and go as needed, dropping into Teff's inventory when I wanted people to do something else.

Man, I love bunkbeds. Because they'll be eating buffet meals for days, I didn't bother with kitchenware, only a trash can and a dishwasher. The dishwasher came after repeated bottlenecks on the trash can. To say a couple of these boys have issues regarding dirty dishes is putting it mildly.

An incredibly cranky Mr. Humble shows up to drop off a free computer (which then went into inventory or somewhere). I've never seen him so irate.

The funny part was when the welcome wagon showed up. It's Synapse, Statesman and Psyche Temblor from generation two of the Original Round Robin Legacy! Fortunately, most of the bachelors were indoors using the tubs, but Kain marched right out to irritate them. (Rob went out to say hi, too.)

All this meant Teff sat alone in the tub for a long time, until Quentin put down his newspaper and got in the tub.

Kain, meanwhile, began making enemies of everyone he possibly could. I'm not kidding.

Uh oh.
"You wanna piece of me, you undead wannabe?! I'll kick your monkey-farming asp into mother-loving next week!" Psyche must've decided to clean up her language a bit.

"Dude, you totally don't want to tick off my sister," Statesman warns. "She once bobbitted a man just for snoring too loud."

He doesn't get along with Synapse, either. Maybe it's good he's not long for the AMBC.

"I hope you go to the bin and never come out! At least I'll be moving soon to a new neighborhood to continue my legacy, so I won't have to look at you any more."

Yes, when it comes time to check out the scores... well, you know how when you move a sim into a house, they usually start with a STR score of 20-35 or so? And by the end of the first day, they should have relationship scores in the 40s, at least. Well, by the time the Temblor kids left, Kain had made an enemy of Psyche (wow!). And at Someone Needs To Leave Time, Kain's combined STR and LTR with Teff was 6. Yes, six. Single digit. Impressive, no?

Back to the AMBC. Being blond means Tag has a big edge (and an extra chemistry bolt) but look! Guillermo is hot too! It could be anyone's game!

On the other hand, Teff corners Tag in the bathroom to admire him, so... yeah.

There's a lot of this going on. The TV and couches are also brought in and removed as needed. I did send them on a hike but there wasn't anything amusing or noteworthy about it, so no screencaps. Still, it gave me the idea for the outdoorsy nature of this vacation getaway.

Because it would be weird to have people dropping out on a daily basis, I decided to have the AMBC be an extended vacation, for the sake of continuity with CoH Sims.

Teff did the "suggestion" flirt on each bachelor when the time came for that part of the challenge. That gave Tag the first crush of the AMBC! "I must win! I must defeat this alien!"

Then Tag autonomously kissed Teff and led him outside for cuddling (in winter in their swim trunks. It's been a snow-less winter there so far).

Carmine came out to express his own thoughts, probably more to pretend to blend in with the crowd than anything.

More autonomous lovey-dovey stuff ensued while Carmine just stood and grinned awkwardly through it all.

And a spontaneous makeout. Tag must really want some after all that time on Nonferyuu Island.

Even the elderly walkby thinks Tag's gonna win it. But Carmine drops a bug in Teff's ear about how he heard Guillermo's supposed to be quite a catch, too.

Teff's not the only one getting some action, either. Guillermo is kissing Quentin's hand here. Who knows? Maybe more than one couple will turn up. Or maybe there'll be drama when the more serious flirting kicks in, later in the challenge. (By the way, Guil really does love making beds. I don't think the maid had to make one bed so far.)

Carmine was originally the lowest-rated sim, going into the second ouster, but he then spent about 90 sim-minutes just oozing flattery toward Teff, and that bumped up his scores high enough that Robinton got the boot instead. Not sure why Rob took it so badly, though.

From here on, it'll be a much tighter race. Nobody has a STR score of less than 80, and there's chemistry with Teff and most of them, except Carmine, who has negative chemistry.

And here's a who's who!
Carmine belongs to madame_ugly, and he can be found in her Nocheat neighborhood.
Log belongs to forestpixie and is from her Simsperiments line.
Quentin belongs to seidoo_ryuu and I'm not sure if he has a story or not.
Kain belongs to silentsteel and I know she's used him in her works, but I'm not sure where.
Tag belongs to iceraptoress and was most recently seen in CoX Castaways where he was the only one not getting any, which might explain his randiness here.
Robinton belongs to teffielynne and comes from her installment of the Ouroboros Round Robin Legacy.
Guillermo belongs to music_simbol and is from her Valenzuela Legacy. He looks different because we have different alien defaults.

So there we stand! Will Teff find true love? Even if he does, will he be able to follow up on it? Or will the Immortal angsting over such things get in the way? Who will be next to leave the vacation house? Tune in next time to find out!


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May. 11th, 2009 12:26 pm (UTC)
Aww, Tef cuddling is so CUTE!

Do you have ACR in for this (wondered with the "old fart blowing hearts" pic)? I hope if you do have ACR it doesn't cause any heartbreak. *gives tag a sad look* Being the first out of the gate doesn't mean you'll win the race (let Peter from my bachelorette challenge be a lesson to us all).

I'm going to go with Carmine on this and cheer for Mo (Carmine used to run an illegal casino, so wagers are kind of his thing--that and I have a weakness for aliens).

May. 12th, 2009 11:29 am (UTC)
Nope, no ACR, since from what I've seen, it has great potential to totally wreck any stories I might write. ;) On the other hand, I don't think I need it, since the guys are doing quite a bit on their own already. And yes, I'm well aware it's anyone's race still (I've gotten down to 3 bachelors in play time, so even I don't yet know the winner).

Since you said Carmine really isn't into the whole gay thing, I'd write his backstory that he's not here for the competition so much as the remote location. He was sneaky enough to raise his score just before the ouster, though!
May. 12th, 2009 11:55 am (UTC)
Perhaps Carmine was hired by one of the other men to help chat them up *eyes Mo*. Carmine is very motivated by money, especially easy money.
May. 11th, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
That's impressive, to handle a houseful like that in such a small dwelling.

I've never seen Mr. Humble be expressive! But then I quite ignore him, I guess.

I can be a bit like a parent at the school recital. There's my baby! Right there in the back row! Smile, baby, look, mama's waving at you! But it's an enjoyable story to read, too. Thanks for sharing!
May. 11th, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
Mr. Humble seems to come in four flavors - neutral, happy, PISSED, and worried. The happy one scares me - it's that HUGE grin some personalities manage with the popularity aspiration. *twitch*
May. 12th, 2009 11:31 am (UTC)
I think it's actually easier in a small house like this - you always know where everyone is, unless someone wanders outside. And no stairs to worry about logjams, or waiting for everyone to finally get where they need to go. Plus as the population gets smaller, the house gets freer.

Plus the house itself plays very well. If you can run 8 sims in here without a pathway problem, the design is pretty good, you know?

I normally don't pay attention to Mr. Humble as I use the hacked computers, but I guess he heard about the hacked computers and got mad?

Thank you for reading, and for sharing your sim! :)
May. 11th, 2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
I am so happy to see Tag and Teff hitting it off. They are just so darn cute together. Will the winner of this challange be joining Teff in COH sims?
May. 12th, 2009 11:33 am (UTC)
Thanks! :) Yes, there is a strong chance of the winner joining the cast of CoH Sims.
May. 11th, 2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
*laughs ass off* That's what you get for being such a cranky bastard, Kain! Seriously, he kicks over more trash cans and picks more fights than any other sim I've ever had. I hope he amused you before he was disqualified. :D

He showed up in my chapter for the Round Robin Legacy - he's Mobius's father. :D
May. 12th, 2009 11:35 am (UTC)
Let's put it this way, if I were Kain, I'd steer clear of Psyche's household for a while. She's loaded for bear. Man, I should totally get back to her, marry her off to her doormat boyfriend and let her terrorize the neighborhood.

I knew he was Mobius' father, I didn't know if he had shown up anywhere else. Most of the sims here have been in something already, and I wasn't sure about Kain. :)
May. 12th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
I've recently decided to plunk him down in a goth/grunge/horror-style legacy as the founder. I haven't decided if I want to bother documenting it. :)
May. 11th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
I love some of Teff's expressions while Aaron, Joe and Ripp are trying to talk him into it. Especially the one in the picture where he's looking at Aaron. It's very "darn kids, thinking they know what's best for me!"

Aw, that's not a bad group of men to hang out in a house in the woods with! Fun varied personalities, and Log is adorable! Quentin and Guillermo are quite handsome too! Teff's got a nice selection to choose from, if he can get past the whole blonde thing. ;) Of course, that being said, I'm naturally quite pleased that my blonde made the strongest first impression on him.

Uhm.... what on earth is Quentin wearing in that not-safe picture where he's standing by the table? o_o

Ah see Kain, that's what happens when you are too determined to be disagreeable!

The house looks pretty good, though your choice of wall poster made me giggle! Is a teenaged boy band really appropriate for a house full of grown men? *laughs*

YAY Tag! That's my boy, be assertive! Make the first move before anyone else can! *squeee*

Aww... Teff immortal angst. :(

*laughs* Kane stands no chance against the likes of Psyche! But geesh, even Synapse didn't like him? Wow! (States is sooooo cute! I just adore him)

Aww Guill and Quentin! *hearts! How sweet is that? :D

Well, of course I have to hope for the best for my lonely and desperate little pirate, but really anything can happen, and this looks like a good interesting group of guys for Teff to enjoy himself with. And it's up to him after all!
May. 12th, 2009 11:41 am (UTC)
Quentin is wearing his special super-sparkly pajamas, believe it or not. They look a little worn to me, so maybe they're his favorites. They sure are sparkly, though.

It's actually hard to find enough beefcake posters! :P But I realized the walls were completely bare (I tend to do that... a lot... leave the walls bare, that is) and quickly slapped a few things up to make it look not quite so empty.

Statesman still looks like a teenager, and he's the oldest of the Temblor kids!

It's always anyone's game - look how long some of them lasted in the Bachelorette Challenge, after all, and who got kicked earlier. I do think there will be a couple of couples resulting from all this, though.

I wish I had more time so I could play raging Psyche's household! ;)
May. 12th, 2009 12:53 am (UTC)
Darn it, Robinton! I told you not to be such a wallflower! That's what you get for ignoring my advice!
May. 12th, 2009 11:35 am (UTC)
There you go - it's hard to win a challenge if you don't participate! ;) It was amusing that he did try to hug people in the first couple hours, though.
May. 12th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
I told you Mo liked to make beds! Boys a neat freak! XD But thats why I love him! It took 4 gens to get a neat sim out of that family.

I really love how you're working this as a story. I totally didn't realize people were getting kicked off since the eliminations are usually labeled. Of course, this makes senses since CoH Sims is a long running story.

I wanna second shewolfe's question, is the winner going to be somehow included into the main story? (Cuz I'm curious how you'd explain Mo's alien lineage if he's the one to win. And of course, I'm rooting for my boy! He makes some fine looking kids! :D)

PS, do you have ACR in this?

PPS, Mo's wetsuit! Bwahahahaha!!! I know the boy's anal, but damn! XD

Edited at 2009-05-12 01:42 am (UTC)
May. 12th, 2009 11:45 am (UTC)
I totally didn't realize people were getting kicked off since the eliminations are usually labeled.
Thanks, that was my intent! :) Playing this as a straight-up story means I can't just kick people out with the "and Kain has the lowest relationship score with Teff" line. Which makes coming up with these lines a more creative endeavor!

Nope, no ACR, but they seem to be doing just fine without it. ;)

Yeah, Mo got the wetsuit to hang out in the tub. "These things are breeding grounds for bacteria! Aaagh!"

Yes, the winner will probably get included in the main story. Aliens have been seen in CoH Sims - remember Sorcha (albino/alien) and her sister, and then there was Buck Grunt's kid Tadlek. We just haven't seen any in Season Two. But they do exist, and they've been around in Tellerman Legacy too (since that takes place in the same universe as CoH Sims). So explaining Mo's alien-ness wouldn't be a problem. :)
May. 12th, 2009 02:14 pm (UTC)
Wow, seventeen years. That seems like a long time to go without a love relationship, especially from the point of view of those who are not immortal, such as his children. Perhaps to a very long-lived immortal being, seventeen would seem a mere drop in the bucket of years. But Teff is somewhere inbetween; he's certainly not ancient, yet it would be odd if he hadn't developed at least something of a sense of detachment by this time. And Guy was really his first, right? There were others before, if I remember right, but Guy was the one with whom he built his first family. So it seems natural that he would still feel burned, and be reluctant to take the step of actively seeking a new relationship.

I like how you allude to the reality show aspect of many bachelor challenges while avoiding taking that direction with it, instead making it fit within your world and storyline. The "recycled character archetypes" comment is clever. (Although I have enjoyed many of the genre spoofs our storytellers have put together.)

I won't even try to guess how the challenge will turn out, but I can see Tag as a good partner for Teff, in that they both have adventurous pasts; if the Immortals should be discovered in Three Wolf Peak, I can imagine Tag being able to handle the situation better than, say, Log... who (from the character description you gave) seems rather sheltered.

On the other hand, Guillermo sounds like he might be an awesome daddy, which bodes well for him. And Carmine's apparent involvement might make for some interesting storyline down the road. ^_^

Edited at 2009-05-12 02:16 pm (UTC)
May. 13th, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Yep, it's been a long time for Teff. The first few years were very hard, and it wasn't until the kids were about ten or so that he finally decided to stop wearing his wedding ring. He's quite old by the usual standards (close to 100) but of course he never planned on living this long.

Guy wasn't his first relationship, but his first long-term relationship and could arguably be his deepest one. They built a family together, and yes, Teff has been reluctant to start over both because it would be "betraying" Guy (just in case he ever came back) and because he doesn't want to get hurt like that again.

I like how you allude to the reality show aspect of many bachelor challenges while avoiding taking that direction with it, instead making it fit within your world and storyline.
Thank you! :D It really wouldn't have worked as a caption-type story, though the outtakes do help with that. ^_~

I got two of three dates done tonight, so I'm hoping to get the next part up (perhaps even up to completion) soon.

May. 13th, 2009 02:31 am (UTC)
I was so excited to see this post! :D I've been so curious to see it since you started talking about the challenge. This is going to be so much fun to watch. ^_^

I also like the direction you're taking with it, where the details of the challenge aren't necessarily integrated into the story itself (i.e., with regard to how the guys are eliminated each day).

Heehee, danged kids, conspiring against their dad to get him into the dating pool again! XD He'll thank them one day, I'm sure. ^^ And I find it unbearably amusing that the only way to get Teff to date again was to trick him into it! :P

I am terribly amused at Tag's warfare tactics here. It looks like he's determined to win, and given his exploits (or lack thereof) on the island, I can't say that I blame him! XD I'll admit that I'm rooting for Quentin (of course), but Tag is a strong second. ^^

...Having said that: Quentin, what on earth are you wearing, in that one shot? That gave me a good, long giggle. XD As did Carmine monitoring Tag and Teff, and giving his hearty approval, heehee. :P His facial expression is almost, "Hey guys, can I join in when you're done? :D"

Eee, the Temblor kids! :D What fun to see them again! And it reminded me of how cuuuute is Statesman. *squee* I might have to ask very, very nicely if he can come over to my neighborhood some time. ^^

Heehee, autonomous hand-kiss for my boy! :D How cute is that? ^_^ As for whether or not Quentin has been in any stories of his own before, he hasn't...until now! ^^

This was such an awesome installment, and I can't wait to see what's next. ^_^
May. 13th, 2009 04:17 am (UTC)
Thank you! :D It's been fun playing out so far, especially since I hadn't realized just how many alternate characters I have in this neighborhood. The community-lot dates got very challenging to keep certain people out of the background. ^^;;

Quentin really likes his sparkly pajamas! They're so well-worn and comfy, and yet still so sparkly! :D

If you want Statesman, just let me know. ^_~

I got 2 of 3 community-lot dates done tonight, so I hope I can get the whole thing done soon!
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