Laridian (laridian) wrote,

A very special cross-stitch gift

This is a very belated birthday present for iceraptoress. :) I got the idea back in early January to cross-stitch something for her birthday (in late January... I know, I know). Since she's into Art Deco, I ran a couple of Art Deco type kits past her to see if she would like one of those, without telling her what I was really working on.

I know iceraptoress' favorite City character, her "baby", is her stalker Tainted Shade. There's some pictures of him here (in my CoV soundtrack) and in this icon here and here. But I ended up making him look more like his Sims version of himself, which looks more like this:

It took from early January to mid-April, mostly on weekends, because that was the majority of my free (haha) time. Also, on weekends I could work on it outside. There are lots of similar colors and dark colors in this one, which meant working in artificial light = "I'm too young to go blind!"

Thus, here is the final result. For once, I'm glad the scanner is so bright when it does its thing, as it means you can see all the colors! :D

The astute viewer will notice no tiger stripes or spikes (which the CoV version has). Well, he's the Sim version. And, um, I forgot about the stripes until he was done (no way I could do the spikes).

Anyway, this is now a combo birthday present + Congratulations! present on Shade hitting level 50 back around her birthday time also. ;)

Material is ivory 14-count aida (for ease on my eyes). 3 strands of thread to help cover up the fabric well with the dark threads. Final size is approx. 69 x 84 stitches, or 5" x 6" on 14-count (12.7cm x 15.24cm).

Oh, and here is her picture of it (as opposed to a scan), which is probably a better indication of the colors.
Tags: city of heroes/villains, xstitch
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