Laridian (laridian) wrote,

[Sims] It's time for a Bachelor Challenge!

Because I only have eleventy-billion things already on my plate, I suddenly realized yesterday: Hey, has anyone done an all-male Bachelor Sims Challenge? Why, no, I answered myself; I think all the Bachelor/Bachelorette challenges done with sims - at least, that I've seen on LJ - have been the traditional type. So, Self, I then said, why not go for it? (because this is one of the shortest story/challenge ideas out there, really)

So who would be our lucky single-guy lonely-heart contestant, you might ask? Completely off-canon, we'd use our currently single guy, Joseph "Teff" Teflin (formerly Marlin).

Who would be the seven other fellas? That's where you, the readers, come in. I'll accept donated sims for this challenge! There are a few rules, though.

1. No Maxis! Your donated sim must be a CAS playable or born-in-game sim.
2. Your donated sim must come with stats (personality, aspiration, etc.) either in an email, .txt file, Word document, comment on this post, whatever.
3. It might help to provide a link to where this sim has appeared before in your stories. Yes, that's right, the sim doesn't have to be specially created. In fact, it might be more fun to include someone who's already been featured in your own stories! Please note that you must be the creator of the sim in question. If you got Lumpy McJowlerson off pixel_trade, and did not create him, you can't then donate him to this challenge.
4. In the event more than seven sims get donated, I reserve the right to be picky and select the ones I like best. ^_^

Teff's an intense, gun-toting loner with a preference for blonds. He's a Cancer. He started life as Money, then in Season Two became Family/Money. He likes hunting, outdoors activities, and being The Strong Family Man.
Tags: bachelor challenge, sims
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