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Durrance Legacy: The Drinking Game Installment

When last we left, I promised you ghostly surprises. They're here! Also more fishily-hidden naughty bits, since that's what the kids these days seem to like.

Previous installments can be found here.

Now, you may remember that after Dinghy and Alon died on the same day, the family had to put them somewhere on the property, in accordance with Dinghy's wishes. (She had them written down, and since Alon died right afterward, he had no chance to even find out what they were, much less counter them if he wanted to.) So the fishpond got an artificial island in the middle. The two tombstones were put on the island so the ghosts could still be on the property, yet not bother anyone.

And then, one night, Ben notices Dinghy's ghost floating about.

She drifted around the property quite a bit, but left everyone alone.

I was very curious to see how she got back to the island, because after all, ghosts can't cross water. Well-known fact, right? So as dawn approached, Dinghy went back to the island, crouched down, and jumped across the water.

So evidently ghosts can cross water if the water is narrow enough. Food for thought. If I want to widen the water between the island and the mainland, I'll have to move the Tiki.

Meanwhile, Lennart continues working toward his LTW (50 first dates). He has two dream dates out of 26 first dates, which is not a good ratio. It is arguably because of his family's business, in that the ticket counter is a magnet for each and every sim who wanders onto the lot, but it could also be because Lennart may be as bonkers as his mom sometimes.

It's funny, Lennart will use the outdoor shower, but nobody else will. Though now with Influence -> Bathe, they could get other sims to do so, presuming they got any more customers. (People come and stare at the ticket counter and decide the recent spate of deaths just isn't worth the price of admission.)

"Ah, life is good." Ben's working on his third lifetime want. He's already maxed all skills before getting that LTW, unfortunately, or I could go for a fourth. After this one, he's probably done with careers. Still, not bad, Ben!

"Really, there's nothing to be alarmed about. I'm just a regular ol' rich guy!"
Granted, the gypsy matchmaker is now the second wealthiest entity in Hellsgate Bridge, given that Lennart has spent fully a third of the family's massive fortune on dates.

Finally it's time for Kenneth to head off to college. Lennart takes a break from trying to get a new person to date (it was a long time collecting those 26 first dates) to wish his brother goodbye. "I'll be there soon!"

And off Kenneth goes, with a makeover chair and sewing machine in his inventory, to begin work on those badges, given they're so time-consuming.

Ben can't be bothered to see off his eldest and knowledge-sim son. Nope, gotta take a sponge bath at the sink!

He does somehow get cleaned up and dressed and over to Fiesta Tech in time for Lennart to grow up. Let's see, it's the desert, so let's wear a heavy sweater and a scarf. Why not?

By the way, the proportions on the above picture are a little squished. About this time was when I changed the resolution on my monitor, and forgot to change it in Sims until after the camera cinematic.

You know, he really doesn't look too bad. Kind of makes me think if Darkfire (my City of Villains character, we've seen him in Sim form too) married into the Tellermans.

But back to the family! Hey, check it out! Love letters! Which disappear in his inventory or somewhere, I don't know, they disappeared and he never saw them again. I know they were from Nicole Thompson and Tosha Go, though. They were his only two dream dates at first (he later got another one from a different townie on their second date).

Gypsy takes to using the telescope during the day, and we all know what happens when you do that.
"I'd just like to say, Gypsy, if it isn't too forward of me..."


Gypsy doesn't understand the hate. It wasn't really her fault that all those sims overheated and died! It might be proved that she was using the telescope to look at his brand new computer, especially after he took its cover off, exposing its circuitry for the world to see, that naughty thinking machine.

This girl gave Lennart his third and final teenage dream date (their second). Mostly, I love how the matchmaker is perpetually gleeful over these dates, while Goopy GilsCarbo is all skeeved out.

Long, long ago in the business, I accidentally set Christy Stratton to be a free guest, never having to pay to get in, and she's a fitness freak. She shows up, runs on the treadmill for a couple of days, gets good and stinky, then complains that the family won't let her sleep. But now and then she's also influenced to use the shower.

"Why - do - the - naughty - bits - keep - getting - covered - by - fish"

Cuddling under the stars while right next to the fence looks uncomfortable. Plus something about the speech bubbles makes me wonder if they're really talking about constellations.

There are many rerun dates - 2nd or higher - but I was amazed to discover there were at least 26 different female teenagers in Hellsgate Bridge and environs (there's a vacation hood and I think Bluewater Village and a Downtown, which helped the pool of kids a lot, plus all the new ones added from FT and AL and such). I kept waiting for Meadow Thayer to show up, before I remembered she married the Gen 2 heir Carl Durrance. Oops!

But, at long last, it's time for Lennart to also go to college. He also dresses inappropriately for the warm desert weather. Is it just me, or does he look downright sinister?

As soon as Lennart chooses a room and a major (Literature) and convinces his older brother to do a term paper in his name, it's time to call up that matchmaker again! Both twins have vatloads of scholarships, but that won't be enough, since he needs 24 new dates, and at $5,000 apiece, that's $120,000 needed. So before he left for college, I bought the most expensive yet smallish decor money could buy, which turned out to be giant aquariums costing $18,000 each. Several of those went with him to college, where he immediately sold them for date money. Huzzah!

Okay, first date! And it turns out to be... the lady cop. Lennart groans at the thought of all the bad jokes awaiting him.

Let's now play a drinking game: every service sim or pr0n stereotype who turns out to be a Romance sim, take a drink!

While Lennart begins his LTW crawl in college, Kenneth sets up the makeover chair and begins fixing up dormies, one at a time. Extra bonus: every date of Lennart's (after this one) has the option of a makeover! He couldn't make over the mascots, though.

A hacky-sack game breaks out and Lennart gets PO'd because the lady cop loves hacky-sack. Proving there is mighty little to do in a "dry" college if you don't have a video game system in the dorm, the entire dorm turns out for the game, and it's impossible to get the lady cop away from it then.

Drink #2!

Drink #3 was an elder lady coach. That one was a little creepy, so Lennart didn't try real hard to get a dream date. Kenneth looks at Lennart like "You poor dope, I'm so glad that's not my LTW."

Date (not drink) #4 was very, very awkward. Anyone recognize her? That's right... it's Olive Durrance, Luna's sister. Luna was the Gen 5 heir, and Lennart and Kenneth's great-grandmother, so the game doesn't recognize Olive as related to Ken & Len. She's a Pleasure sim, and they get along okay and stuff, but Lennart really doesn't try very hard on this date, because he doesn't want to do the goodbye kiss that ends good dates. It's all kind of creepy and besides, the Durrances already inbred once (Gen 4, Fern and Wolf).

Needle phobias may cause difficulty in learning to sew.

I dislike Frances J. Worthington III on principle (something about his look just bugs me) so I made him over and think he looks much better as a sensitive emo type.

There's so much non-interaction going on here that yet is somehow all related. Laughing at the matchmaker, freaking out, bad makeover, and Kenneth in the back enjoying a good lungful of cosmetics fragrances.

Drink #4: Pizza delivery girl! "I'd like the around the world special, please."

Pizza girl: "You want free pizza? Ask me how!"
Dormie: "Hey, it's 1973 all over again, and I'm the hottest dude in the dorm!"

Lennart also raps with the best of them. I can't write rap battles (I've tried), so just fill in the words or song of your choice.

"Really, matching your hair to your wardrobe is just about required these days."

Drink #5: Repair lady!
Dormie: "Dude, I just wanna say how much I admire your dedication to a weird lifetime want."

Lennart gives his best weasel-face expression. This is when I realize he's actually not that thrilled with the constant parade of dates. Sorry, Len, you've got to get through these before junior year if you want to be perma-plat, because if you don't get perma-plat by then, I'm changing your aspiration.

Dear G-d, the things I have to do just to be permanently happy.
Hey, dormie, heard of personal space? Can you back up just a bit?

Yeah, a goodbye kiss at the end of the date with the elder repair lady, while the llama and the cow begin the smacking of downs.

"Gross. Can you believe he kissed that old lady right in front of everyone? And during a fight? How much spit has he swapped with people now?"

Lennart isn't the only one getting interest. Somehow, Kenneth is also being noticed by the ladies. (Lennart isn't dating anyone in his dorm because nobody wants to deal with the constant fighting that will likely result.) Maybe it's because Kenneth hands out free makeovers, I don't know. He finally got a want for a first kiss, and I like Kenneth, so we'll see if maybe he can find a girlfriend while in college.

Drink #6: Vampire!
"Now, be careful about this one, sonny, she's a little freaky, the kind you don't take home to mother."

Contessa Gretchen is into spending money, drinking, kissing, and passing out at dawn. Maybe more. She's also a very picky date and hard to please.

Lennart ends the dates as soon as they hit "dream" status and they may or may not get a makeover, and then it's time for the next date. So Sandy Bruty is getting a back massage when Contessa Gretchen shows up with a crappy gift. I love that she's so thrilled about it.

Oh, and Repair Lady finally leaves, with a great big smeerpy smooch for Lennart, while he's still on his date with Sandy. Sandy is nonplussed (she just looks like she's thinking WTH, doesn't she). This is what happens when you go on a date with the serial dater of Hellsgate Bridge.

Have I mentioned before that Lennart is a mean sim? He really is. Any future spouse is going to have their hands full.

I had a lot of fun giving makeovers to everyone possible. Many sims have unfortunate features, but the right makeover can really help.

Drink #7: Maid!
"Wow, it got so hazy all of a sudden, like I'm looking through ugly cokebottle glasses. Do you get the same feeling?"

"Do you like music? I like music and flowers. I'd love to put my tulips on your organ." *ba-dump-kish!* (Yes, she's yet another Romance sim)

"Eh, who am I trying to kid? I may be a romance sim, but I'm unattractive. Even trying to flash my date isn't going to get me the dream date goodbye kiss."

Failed makeover aside, that hairstyle only accentuates her oblong skull. Let's see what we can do with her, huh?

One Kenneth Special later, and we have a literal sex kitten.

She's so thrilled with her new look and the confidence it gives her, that she drops off a DJ booth as a present. Woot!

Kenneth gets a lot of material to work with, on some sims. Somewhere along the line he got the gold sewing badge, too, since he did that at night when you don't get as many walkbys.

Drink #8: The Slob!
This is her post-makeover. I hadn't used that hair before and I like it a lot.

Pamela (the slob) rocks the DJ booth. All dormies and walkbys love it. Some of them dance so long they forget to take care of themselves.

Super Smustle Party! (The girl in the back, by the way, the one in the black bustier with the long blond hair? She was Hestia Tellerman in the Tellerman Legacy.)

Lennart doesn't want to go on any more dates. He never, ever rolls any wants to do more than talk or entertain with any of them. Never a want for kissing, hugging, making out, etc. I think he really just wants to go off by himself and have fun. But he's so close to his LTW!

Dude! I just created Betty Cooper via makeover!

And here is Lucy, who seems to be the one most interested in Kenneth. I think she's a Knowledge sim; she's also a dormie. They get along very well and have two bolts. Kenneth likes her too, in his shy way. (He's a lot nicer than Lennart, too. The pinball machine is another gift from a date.)

"Damn streakers in the wintertime..."
"Ahahaha! It's cold! It's freakin' cold out here! I've got snowballs!"

Drink #9 (not shown) is a cheerleader. Drink #10 is Dagmar Bertino the mail carrier. Hope you weren't drinking something strong or taking big gulps! I hadn't realized so many service sims or "special" sims were Romance. Is that for the playable Romance sims who need to meet and "greet" someone on the sly? Or is it a subtle(?) Maxian statement about service sims?

Eventually Lennart gets not just a plastic flamingo, a pinball machine and a DJ booth, but a vase of sunflowers, a water sculpture, and about 16 dream date bouquets, plus one single-rose "great date" present. (You can see some of the bouquets in the background in pix above.) At long last, #50 arrives... some elder lady who looks just as enthused as Lennart does.

"Congratulations, bro! You did it! What are you going to do now?"
"I'm gonna go become a celebrity chef."
"Yeah, if Gordon Ramsay can insult people and be a rude bastard, and get rewarded for it, so can I."

And now it's time for a poll! But not an heir poll, 'cause Lennart's already the heir (due to being a redhead). Instead it's a spouse poll!

Let's take a look at Lennart. He's a Pleasure sim, permaplat, no secondary. I might make him Knowledge secondary, since he hates dealing with people and therefore wouldn't easily be Family, Romance or Popularity. He was born into money and knows how to spend it, but I don't see him being interested in earning money, so Knowledge it may be. We'll see.
Neat 2
Outgoing 10
Active 9
Playful 8
Nice 1
Almost all skills maxed, so he'll have lots of free time on his hands to pick on people or play pranks or make crank phone calls as an adult.
Red hair, blond recessive
Gray eyes, dark blue recessive

I've narrowed potential mates down to three. First up is the Slob, aka Pamela Riley, who we've seen in the pix above:

Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: Unknown
Pamela has some interesting genetics. Her true genetics are listed below, but she has expressed (encouraged) genetics of 0 neat and 0 active and lesser everything else. Fascinating.
Neat 2
Outgoing 8
Active 2
Playful 6
Nice 7
Pamela has red hair and (I think) dark blue eyes. The downside to this is that Lennart already has red hair, with dark blue eyes recessive, and her coloration has already appeared once in this legacy (Alon Durrance). I may or may not give her recessive genes just for kicks.
Skills: Like all "named" and service sims, Pam has some skills already under her belt. She won't get any more at this time.
Cooking: 3
Mechanical: 7
Charisma: 2
Body: 2
Logic: 2
Creativity: 9
Cleaning: 2
Pros: Decent genetics; already has some skills; Pleasure may mean that she goes along well with Lennart, although given his crankiness, theirs may not be an ideal match. Still, they had a dream date, and there's a chance her higher Nice points may even out against his lack of same.

Next is his first dream date ever, with teenager Tosha Go. She's still a teenager, but I can send her to college so she can get some skill points.
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Unknown
Neat 4
Outgoing 4
Active 4
Playful 7
Nice 6
Blond hair, green eyes. I may or may not give her random recessives just for kicks.
Skills: Tosha has a handful of 1's, but once she goes to college, she should be able to skill like a madwoman and get quite a few points before graduation. She'll get the time because Kenneth needs to badge and skill his heart out, and why not spend the time at college to do so?
Pros: Family sim, in a household not known for its parenting skills or empathy. I like Family sims. Decent genetics and I happen to like the blond/green combo. She's got a nice personality and should be easy to deal with. Her facial features should mix interestingly with Lennart's.

Here she is after a teenage makeover.

I don't often see Tosha in stories (granted, this is a limited statistical sample) but I remember pixelcurious used her in her Ishkabibble Uglacy, so here is a pic of what Tosha will look like as an adult, except with the twin ponytails. So she'll be a decent enough looker.

Last is Sandy Fairchild, the sex kitten.

Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Unknown
Neat 5
Outgoing 5
Active 3
Playful 8
Nice 4
She's nicer than Lennart, but jeez, who isn't?
Black hair, gray eyes. I may or may not give her random recessives just for kicks.
Skills: Sandy picked up a few somewhere, but she'll have to earn her skills in the Durrance household, presuming she marries in.
Cooking: 0
Mechanical: 0
Charisma: 4
Body: 1
Logic: 2
Creativity: 1
Cleaning: 0
Pros: Black hair would be different, since the family has never had a black-haired heir. She's a total unknown, so she'd be a novelty. She has a nice personality point spread.

So who will it be? Pamela, Tosha, or Sandy?

Poll #1366351 Durrance Legacy Generation 8 Spouse Poll

Who gets to marry Lennart?

Pamela Riley
Tosha Go
Sandy Fairchild
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