Laridian (laridian) wrote,

City of Heroes - what to play next?

So we're coming up to the time to create new characters in City of Heroes because most of the current team is in the high 40s, and once they all hit 50, they'll retire and we'll start over. Therefore, I need to come up with a new alt concept. There are some parameters: No blasters (currently playing Heat Lightning) or melee types (have played a scrapper & am playing a brute).

Please note this is for Hero side only, since I already have my alt on Villain side, Vicente.

Kheldians: Yeah, I could play one. They don't interest me a whole lot.

Controllers: I've never played a controller past level 6. Someone else on the team will be playing a something/empathy troller, I think. Still, this could work. Maybe mind control?

Defenders: I've played a storm defender (Terecito) and he's still hanging around. But I'm leaning toward one of three different types of defenders.

Empathy: Pros: I'd like to do this; I could run Jeremy Dumont at last!; very useful in a team. Cons: We've already had a few of these in the past; kind of like playing Darkfire only more so.

Radiation: Pros: I'd like to do this, too; I have a character concept; rad defs are popular. Cons: I've never gotten a rad defender past about level 8.

Force field: Pros: Very useful; never tried this one before. Cons: No character concept; never tried this one before.

Note that this character would be *only* for team play, no soloing.
Tags: city of heroes/villains
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