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[Sims] Test toddler fun

Remember this baby? Miriam the ugly toddler?

I played that house for the first time in a long time, originally just going in there to mess around with stuff. (It's a test lot, not normally for pictures.) Miriam scares me.

Anyway, while there I realized their house needed to be enlarged, 'cause 'I'm too lazy to move everything into a new house, and the house now has 7 people in it and they really, really need a second bedroom with all the toddlers and babies and stuff. ^^;;

Meanwhile, the toddlers are trying their best to learn all the important skills for those aspiration rewards later on in life, right? There's plenty of chaos in there, and poor Miriam is hungry, because her parents only want to design video games and blog about them.


Oh, no, poor kid...

Yes, I intend to get another pic of her when she transitions to child.

She has a half-brother who is the most adorablest brother you ever saw. He is so cute!

Here he is. So this narrows things down to one parent who's causing poor Miriam's facial deformities.

I wonder what hair she'll transition into? She's two days away from transition, but I want her to learn everything before she grows into a child.

In other news, the Durrance Legacy is still going on; I might take a look at how many pix I have and see if it's enough for a post. I was hoping to get the heirs up to teen/college before posting, but it's going to take days for that to happen due to my plans for them, and I want to post sometime soon.
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