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Advent Calendar 18: Dough or Not Dough, There Is No Try

Advent Fic 18: Dough or Not Dough, There Is No Try
Still more of Terecito's misadventures in cooking.
Wordcount: 529ish
Warnings: None

Continuing for as long as it takes!

Terecito had bought an electric hand mixer for the second go-round. With three sheets of cookies rendered into charcoal briquettes, he figured he'd have to make a second batch now to compensate.

So, ten minutes at 350 degrees it was. Heat had also given him some advice, like keep the cookies farther apart and only cook one sheet at a time. It was going to take forever to make all these cookies. Ter sighed. Buying a bag was so much faster. But he had to admit that Amber's homemade cupcakes tasted a lot better than the store-bought ones. So it stood to reason that homemade cookies would taste better than ones from the store.

Ter sighed. If he hadn't already said he was going to make cookies all by himself, he'd either quit now or get help. But he couldn't back down now. And besides, it was just going to take time. He should be okay now, right?

~ ~ ~

The hand mixer had a lot of trouble by the time Terecito poured in the chocolate chips. It worked pretty hard and the motor didn't sound good. But he didn't have to use it much, so as soon as the dough was mixed, he was able to set it aside and let it rest.

Now, rounded teaspoonfuls onto the heavily scrubbed and chiseled cookie sheets. Ter guessed if he hadn't pucked all the cookies, and then spent all that time scouring the cookie sheets, he could've been done baking actual cookies by now. Or maybe he should've just bought new cookie sheets. He should've thought of that first.

Finally the first sheet went into the oven, and Ter sighed. He hoped these would come out okay. He should probably test the first batch, the ones he did before he turned three sheets of dough into charcoal. They were certainly cool by now. He bit into one.

"Hey," he mumbled to himself, "this is pretty good!"

He ate that one, then got another, and went looking for a glass of milk to go with them. Cookies and milk, right?

On his third cookie, he looked at the bowl of dough waiting its turn to become cookies. Cookie dough was tasty, too. One time Ter had eaten a whole tube of refrigerated store-bought cookie dough for dinner.

Ter scooped out some dough with the spoon, and smooshed it on top of a cooled cookie before eating it. Now that was a good cookie! That was really good! In fact, it would probably taste even better on a warm cookie.

As soon as the next tray of cookies came out, Ter tested his theory. He had to test it more than once, of course, because cookies with cookie dough on top were so darn good. Before he knew it, he'd tested the entire batch.

Okay, he'd better exercise some restraint this time. But that cookie dough was pretty tasty all by itself, and there was lots in the bowl. Surely there was enough to have some for himself and still make plenty of cookies, right?

~ ~ ~

An hour later, Ter had two dozen finished cookies and an empty bowl.

To be continued!
Tags: fiction: city of heroes/villains, xmas
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