Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Advent Calendar 05: Christmas Fruitcake

Advent Fic 05: Christmas Fruitcake
Prompt is from iceraptoress: Finch Durrance (Durrance Legacy), Christmas. Talk about a blast from the past...

Warnings: None
Wordcount: 390

Christmas in the desert meant Finch couldn't get a nice pine tree. Uprooting a saguaro or a Joshua tree was against the law, so Finch had to make do with a sparkly aluminum seven-foot tree. It shone just fine without any lights added, as long as he had plenty of lights shining around it, and of course because it was aluminum, it didn't need tinsel. It was hard to hang ornaments on it, but Finch had bought only a box of red glass balls and it didn't bug him if he couldn't hang them on the tree. Instead he hung them around the one-room house, after driving bent nails into the ceiling.

A few drops of Pine-Sol added a suitably piney smell, though it also brought back memories of when the dorm bathroom was being cleaned.

It was all pretty nice, Finch thought. It would be good if he had someone to share it with, but that would come; he'd just moved in, after all. And it would probably be good to have some traditions. Then again, it would've been great if he could remember anything of his life before college. Well, c'est la vie!

The next day the welcome wagon showed up. Hellsgate Bridge was such a tiny town – population fifty-something, maybe, if you were generous – that any new arrival was of interest and worth welcoming. Finch liked Melissa Fancey quite a lot. She didn't mind if he talked about octopus intelligence, and she thought the red glass ornaments hanging from the ceiling were a cool idea. They ended up talking late into the night, and Finch was very tired the next day when he started work at the Hellsgate Bridge Sheriff's Office.

After work, Melissa called him, and they talked some more. "Have you asked Santa what you want?" she teased him.

"Yeah, a girlfriend," Finch joked back. "But she might be hard to get. I don't know if she's available."

"Oh, really."

"Yeah, she's that Fancey girl. D'you know if she wants to date one of Copper County's finest?"

"I think she might be interested," Melissa answered. "As long as he's not a fruitcake."

There was a long pause.

"He talks about octopi and has an aluminum Christmas tree," Finch said, aware of his oddities.

"Well, every fruitcake can be improved with rum. I'll bring the rum."
Tags: durrance legacy, xmas
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