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Advent Calendar 04: The First Tellerman Christmas

Advent Calendar Fic 04: The First Tellerman Christmas
Prompt from seidoo_ryuu, Sebastian and Zephyra Tellerman at Christmas, pre-kids. (Tellerman Legacy, Generation 1)

A little backstory on Sebastian Tellerman can be found here and might be good to review, to explain the family's situation. You know, I never realized how weird Sebastian's pre-Legacy family situation/history sounds until I tried to sum it up.

Warnings: None
Wordcount: 759

It would be a lean Christmas, but, Sebastian thought, things could be worse. They had each other, a roof over their head, food in the pantry, and jobs. They also had several years' worth of crushing debt inherited from Sebastian's biological parents, but he didn't want to think about that at this time.

Zephyra had bought a tiny plastic tree, three feet high, and they decorated it with a few pieces of tinsel and an Elmer Fudd figurine. Sebastian had received it from his sister Maddox while he was in college; he had no idea why she'd chosen that one, but Fudd with a cheerful flocked bow around his hard plastic shotgun was a little bit festive.

They hadn't planned on doing anything big this year at all. Sebastian's gift to Zephyra was very simple. He'd printed up a certificate at work, good for one weekend each month for the next year, where she could just have the weekend off and he'd do whatever needed doing. Of course, he wanted to buy her something nice, something special, like a bigger, more impressive ring. But something frivolous like that wasn't possible, with a baby on the way.

~ ~ ~

Three days before Christmas Eve, Sebastian's father Komei called. "We thought we'd come visit you for Christmas. Is that all right?"

"Yes, of course!" Sebastian stammered. "But we don't have enough beds for everyone..."

"We'll get a hotel," Komei said. "And we'll all go out to eat on Christmas Day, what do you say?"

~ ~ ~

Komei and his wife Lita and their kids showed up the day of Christmas Eve. Sebastian got to introduce them all 'round, and he'd already warned Zephyra that Lita was a former Troll, so there was no surprise at Lita's green skin and red eyes.

Sebastian didn't even recognize the kids; they'd been babies last time he'd seen pictures. Now Marcel was a husky six-year-old who looked like his mother, and Elizabeth had just turned four and looked more like Komei, even at this age. Naturally, they didn't know him either, though technically Sebastian was probably a half-brother.

Sebastian didn't look like Komei or his late other father Epsilon; he'd been adopted by the pair. It made for an odd family growing up, as Epsilon had gotten abducted by aliens a couple of times, before dying by satellite impact. Komei had later remarried, to Lita, who had a thriving cosmetics business, but that was after Sebastian was old enough to go to college.

The little house was noisy and busy once they arrived, and Sebastian liked that. He and Zephyra would start their own family at some point, of course. Zeph got along well with Lita, and Sebastian caught up on news and gossip from the Outskirts.

Later the kids were taken outside to play in the snow. All the adults stood watching them, talking about this or that, when Komei asked, "Well, kids, what do you need most this Christmas?"

"We can't take any money, Dad," Sebastian said. "The Despret debts take priority."

"We know," Lita said. "So what things do you need?"

"Baby things," Zephyra said. "We'll need a crib. One that can convert to a toddler bed, and has a lowerable gate."

"Sounds like you've put some thought into it," Lita said with a smile. "Marcel! Why don't you help Lizzie make a snowman, honey?"

"Just planning ahead," Zephyra answered.

"You know – yes, Liz, that's a great snowman! – you know that you can call on us at any time," Komei pointed out.

"We know, Dad. And we appreciate it." Sebastian took Zephyra's hand.

"All right then. I don't want my grandchild to go without, or hear how Santa couldn't stop by his or her house."

"That won't happen, Dad." The first few years, kids didn't understand Christmas anyway, Sebastian figured. Maybe by the time the child was old enough, things would be better, and they wouldn't have to rely on Komei and Lita for presents.

"By the way," Komei said, "What's up with Elmer Fudd on the tree?"

"Maddox gave me that when I was in college," Sebastian said, surprised. "Why?"

Komei shook his head, grinning. "She got that from Sorcha one year, and I think Sorcha got it from Ep... So, if you have no idea what to give someone in the family, Elmer Fudd can keep making the rounds."

"You got it, Dad."

"I got it? I don't want it! Give it to Zephyra's family!" Komei laughed, as Zephyra scooped up some snow and threw it at him.

~ ~ ~
Elmer Fudd traveling around the family circle is based on a true incident.
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