Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Gah! Goblin baby!

So, I promised you a remarkable Sims toddler.

Some backstory would be a good idea, right? Well, I have several "test lots" where I play just for fun, or to test things out. The test lots don't normally get posted about on LJ, because there's usually nothing very post-worthy about it. But this time, hoo boy!

Now, the parents are two characters from CoH Sims. It appears I adjusted their genetics at some point. Right now they're having some kids. Before I go any farther, I want to point out there is no alien blood in these kids. None. (Maxis-alien or replacement PT or whatever - no Sims-aliens.)

Here's darling little Miriam going to her birthday cake. She looks very normal and cute.

There's some chaos in the family around the birthday time and so her father sets her down (in the bathroom, of course) so he can either go get cake or spaz about the fire taking over the yard just outside the kitchen. Seriously, lightning earlier in the evening set some yard furniture on fire and I thought "oh, it'll burn itself out" and next thing I know it's spreading to the house. Another first! Meanwhile, Miriam is plopped onto the bathroom floor.

Yikes! What happened to her nose?!

Now, neither of her parents was known for any ugliness, so this completely threw me. Here's the little prognathic-faced macrocephalic up close:

Another profile shot... the "baby combover" really makes it all worse, doesn't it? She transitioned into it, and I suspect it's that Cheeto-orange custom hair binned for red. (By the way, I'm a little mystified as to the red hair. I don't remember that being in the recessive genes. But the family tree shows no mystery redheads in it, so it must be from one of her parents.)

And here she is as a grumpy li'l flower.

No, I'm not going to reveal who her parents were. They're so embarrassed, they've gone into the witness protection program rather than reveal their normally nice genes turned out something quite like Miriam. ;)
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