Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Company is gone... back to work

So, now back to work, trying to crank out the newsletter, the next Heatfic, and try to level Heat himself up to 20 (note to self: post in coh_sunday_lj about teaming up for this). Plus the usual thing of laundry and whatnot. Plus I seem to have been chosen to create a members-only LJ RP community, or something. Gnih! We shall see if everyone remembers it by Tuesday. If nobody does, I'm off the hook. ;P

The talented kiri_moth is almost done with my Shadowrun picture (yay!). Guess I need to pester the other artist about whether any progress has been made on my other commission.

shinzakura, can you get me the info you mentioned about the costumer in Vegas? I'm looking at Cid Highwind/FF7, maybe, and would like to know what kind of prices your contact charges. ^_^

Oh, and I have to cancel the cell phones, seeing as how the service is crappy and neither one of them has worked properly since the last hurricane. >_<

I started writing Heatfic over the weekend, finally (just now) did a word count, and discovered that my initial burst of typing resulted in over 700 words. Hm. So the next one promises to be kinda... long. But for once I have a title before I finish! For you folks familiar with the stories so far, it'll give you a hint: "Family Values."

Well, off to work, then...
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