Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Doofy stuff.

Was showing off CoH last night to visitors and Toly and I got the wifty idea to create an actual team (as opposed to "hey, I created a new toon on X server, want to make a new one to play alongside me with"?). So we resurrected our old pair of snotty twins from long-ago superhero days, Locke and Lode.

Except we had to call them Llocke and Llode, to get around the name problem. ^_^ They're identically dressed, with the big grin, except Llode (mine) has the soul patch. Llocke is a tech blaster (Toly loves blasters) and Llode (mine) is an empathy/energy defender, because I thought it would be a good way to practice playing this type of defender, teamed w/someone I know. We picked energy because the original L&L were a blaster and a magnetic, but there's no real magnetics in CoH, so energy it was.

Have not actually played Llode yet, but Llocke already got the Isolator badge.

What else. Trying to cram in extra naps, not doing too badly on that front. Going to take the kids to the park this afternoon. Can't find the large, unopened container of laundry soap I bought recently, so we had to buy a new one 'cause the laundry just wouldn't wait anymore. Feeling better overall, except my throat still feels weird and I need cough drops or liquids to keep it quiet.

Got some more xstitch done. Does anyone know if you can take nailclippers on airlines again? 'Cause I wasn't going to bother with embroidery scissors on the trip, and I can use nailclippers to cut thread with. I really don't want to spend $20 on one of those fancy airline-approved pendant thingies. OTOH the kids may keep us busy on the whole 2-hour-ish flight anyway, so the point may be moot (and I'll just pack clippers in the checked luggage).

Going to try and get some writing done before M wakes up and we all go to the park. Hope it's not too hot a day when we go.

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