Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Darkfire's new look

Darkfire finally got a new costume, and it looks sharp. :)

Ignore all the sparkly stuff all over him, I can't shut it off! But here's his new black and gold "family hero team" outfit, complete with starred cape.

Okay, maybe I'm biased, but I think it looks wicked.

However, while the cape is cool and all, that's for formal occasions. For everyday use of this outfit, it demands tech wings. (Actually, I would just about kill for a black/gold permanent set of Sky Raider wing/jetpacks, as my team knows. But those are not available, so tech wings.)

Wings at rest...

Inside the creepy, filthy, back-alley "facemaker" plastic surgery and costume shop (the place actually makes my skin crawl).

Yeah, they're kind of dragon-y, I admit. But they're tech, so that's cool. ^_^

Very cool from-below pic (where the icon comes from). I also got an eye "glow" to go with the outfit. Darkfire approves!

Lastly, just for comparison, here's the tech wings in the character creator/costume generator...

...and actual dragon/bat/demon wings...

...and feather/angel/bird wings, which should actually be gold on top and black on bottom, but hey. ^_^
Tags: city of heroes/villains
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