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[Sims] Attempted Teff makeover

Teff of CoH Sims is pretty iconic. I think it's the hair. I sent him to the mirror to see if there was any way to make him over and still have him recognizable, and I'm not sure it's feasible.

1. I like this one a lot - it looks like if he got his hair neatened up a bit from the shaggy look.
2. "Ray hair" - nah.
3. This kinda works, but I'll be using it for a different character, so I probably shouldn't use it on Teff too.
4. Matt Damon IS Jason Bourne!
5. A little too slicked-up, I think.
6. Strangely, I could see this one on Teff. Especially if some time has passed and he's been working on cars and construction for a while.
7. Too neat/femmy/metro. Nice color, though.
8. Maybe if someone tried to neaten the shaggy 'do and failed?
9. The "Swithin Tellerman". This one could work too. Still a little shaggy but not as much so.

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