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Holopaw! Baby Boom

Warnings: None except a couple underwear shots. But mostly, it's babies! everywhere.

Previous installments of Holopaw! can be found here. At some point (maybe this week?) I'll put up an actual master list of stories and put a link up on my profile.

First up: the Durrances! Household includes Terecito Alvarado and a cat.

When last we left, Jenn Durrance was about to give birth to one or possibly two babies. Finch thinks this is a great way to end a week, with a new baby! Let's try to do the same next week!

Thus, we present Van Durrance, who has his father's very distinctive eyes and probably his hair, too.

"Woo! A new baby!" Terecito cheers.
"Hey, it's my kid!" Finch reminds him. "What are you so happy about? And when are you gonna get a job?"

But then Jenn hands baby Van to Terecito. "You're good with kids, right?" she asks. "Can you take care of him? We've gotta get busy if we're gonna get to 10 kids first."
If only Van could talk, it looks like he's saying "Mama! Don't go!"

Meanwhile, is anyone surprised this is Ter's cat?

Especially now, when it goes to sleep in a puddle? (Or it woke up in a puddle, I forget which.)

Meanwhile, life goes on, as we follow this family during Van's baby days. Jenn, er... you know, I'm fairly sure Jenn didn't arrive in Holopaw in that underwear. But Finch isn't complaining! (It's darn popular lately, that leopard print, isn't it?)

Finch continues working at Sea World, skimming more Shamu goo out of the tanks. He got a promotion one day and a demotion the next. He's bringing in $215 a day, which doesn't really support a family of four plus a cat. Terecito hasn't gotten a job in the music career yet, and Jenn's barefoot and pregnant. No, the cat doesn't work either.
"Hey, nice suit! No visible underwear lines!"

Ter hits Fat mode again, and he's going to need that heroin-chic look to be a big-time Rock Star, so the family sells a toilet to buy an exercise bike. Jenn paints a lot to bring in some extra cash (and boost the fun meter).

Yep, this family is rich in love but poor in cash, as the saying goes, which is why the walls have no decorations or wallpaper or anything that would give the house some desperately needed cheer. They can't hire a maid, either, so the whining can be heard down the hill any time someone has to clean up the bathroom puddles, the pukey toilet, the dirty dishes, or the cat poop.

Things get worse (yes!).
"Honey, where's the TV? I wanted to watch Battle Maiden Erica tonight."
"It's gone. I sold it so our son had a place to sleep."
"Say what? We could've kicked Ter to the couch and put chairs around the twin bed!"

Finch has his fear of changing diapers. Half the time, so do other family members. Jenn's 4 Neat is the highest neat stat in the house. As you can imagine, this makes life difficult sometimes.

"JENN! Will you get OUT of here! I need to take a shower! And you messed up the toilet again! And you're walking around in your underwear! GROSS!"

"Yeah, well, just remember, Terecito, you could've had a chance with THESE."
"I'm asexual, Jenn. I don't want to see any of you in your underwear."

Terecito goes out to collect butterflies. He's finally gotten a job as a record store clerk, but of course it doesn't start for another day and a half.

During this time, the family just eats and eats and eats. So when the time comes to order more groceries, they order several hundred dollars' worth. Unfortunately, they have only about $86 in the bank.
Aw, no! Not the compactor!

Jenn's needs start dropping pretty fast after that, so the household gets an Energizer. With luck, the next baby will have electrical powers (or immunity, that would work too.)

At long last, it's time for Van to become a toddler.
"What's the matter, Ter?" Jenn asks.
"I want the piece with all the flower icing."

After negotiating the disbursement of fake buttercream frosting, it's time!
(Finch: "Agh, my hand is shaking... it's all that scraping the goo off the tank sides, I know it...")

And here's the Vanster, who will be stuck with that hair throughout toddlerhood, since it's likely his dad's custom one. I dunno, he looks like Sid from Toy Story, if you ask me.

So let's check the personality breakdown of parents and child. He's got his dad's sloppy ways for sure. Let's see... Outgoing, Playful and Grouchy? We may have a future bully on our hands.

With that, it's on to the Wolfe manse. This consists of Suzi, Alan, and their dog whose name I forgot last episode.
"Carolina, if I have to deal with one more call from - hey, where's my ring?"

While Alan jumps around on the furniture, Suzi goes into labor. "Hey, Suzi-Woozy, you should check out the springs on this couch!"
"Alan, you idiot! Call a doctor!"

The maid is no help either. "I just cleaned this place! Can you at least give birth in the kitchen or bathroom, where there's tile?"

The result is a girl they name Fiona.

"Fiona Amphitrite Wolfe! Cool! With a name like that, she can become a hard-rockin' folksinger!"
At least Fiona has the right kind of dress code, what with her parents in flesh-baring wardrobes.

The maid smiles, gritting his teeth at the thought of another household of poopy diapers as well as dirty dishes and puddles of graywater. It probably doesn't help that this house has a dog, too.

For a popularity sim, Alan is a very devoted parent. He autonomously plays with and cuddles Fiona.

"So, did Carolina film the birth, or has the baby not arrived yet?"

Hey, the puppy grew up into a dog! What was this animal's name again? It's Booger? Huh. Whadayaknow.
Wow, Booger's an odd-looking pooch.

I so wish I knew which animals were Booger's parents. He was a product of the baby pet creator. Alan picked him.

His kibble must be in itty-bitty pieces to get down that throat. His esophagus must be tiny on account of his neck being filled up with super-strong muscles and bones to support that head.

Booger's personality leaves a lot to be desired, though.

Not that he doesn't try to make friends in his own very odd way. Alan doesn't care and heads to work. He's now a gold farmer. Honestly, he should be able to do that from home.

Meanwhile, Fiona has a very pink room. It has everything a baby and toddler could want (except a toddler blanket, but that'll be in soon enough).

While Suzi makes some dinner and gets a shower, Booger shows that his personality leaves a lot to be desired. First he digs holes all over the property, then rolls in the dirt.

Then he tips the trash can.

Suzi has had enough. She's got a baby to take care of and she's pregnant again (like every other playable woman in town). Since she's home all day on maternity leave, she has to live with Booger's miscreance, unlike Alan who's at work all the time, happily playing City of Evercraft and RPing with his superguildmates and drinking Red Beast and eating pizza. (Honestly, with a job like that, would you want to leave?) So Suzi tells Alan that Booger has to go.

"Noooo! Not Booger! Don't get rid of my freaky Booger!"

Yep, Booger gets flicked out of the household. Even though Alan frequently forgot to feed him or otherwise do much, he'll be missed, I guess.

Or maybe not. Once the animal control car was gone, that was it. No tears, no crying, no thoughts of Booger at all. Instead, Alan autonomously tucks Fiona in as she sleeps. So sweet!

Suzi's burned off that baby fat but hasn't progressed too far in pregnancy yet, so she's slim again. She and Alan have yo-yo bolt effect, depending on clothing and fitness levels.

Alan has to "research" for work, so Suzi joins him in a rousing game of Robot Ninja Pirate Zombies 2: Electric Boogaloo.

The trash talking gets ugly. Maybe they shouldn't be on the same team.

Suzi realizes it's time for the next trimester. Meanwhile, Jenn Durrance, on her way to her daily stalking of Lari Marchinkovas, looks in (since the walls are down). "Hm, Suzi's pregnant again. Neat."

Yeah, it took a while for the second pregnancy to "take", so Suzi's not quite as big as everyone else when Fiona gets her birthday party. Alan's cosplaying as Final Fantasy VIII's Squall Leonhart for a charity gaming tournament, but he'll have some cake before he leaves.

Hm. Fiona's got quite the needle nose, doesn't she?

Let's check the personalities again, shall we? Hm... an awful lot like Van Durrance. That's disturbing. But maybe they'll get along really well and get married when they grow up. Or not. This is not exactly the same point spread as Van, so they're not quite clones.

Speaking of the Serlings and their legendary delivery video (remember, legends usually aren't true), it's time to drop in on them. The tree is still on fire.

Carolina and Eric's baby is a dark-eyed blond boy. Nifty!

Mindful of the burning tree that is not consumed, they name him Moses.

Eric too is very good with babies, being the family sim and all. More autonomous cuddling and baby-caring. (Carolina got so lucky to marry dreamy Eric.)

Everything seems great now in the household, no more separate pictures. Yay!

"Hey, Eric! Got that air conditioning fixed yet?"
"Hey, Ray. The repair guy's coming tomorrow, finally."

Nighttime in Holopaw, and you can read by the light of the Serlings' burning tree. No wonder they need AC.

Carolina's off snoozing when it's time for Moses to transition, so Eric does the honors. Look, not much happened. They composted their entire garden since it was getting worse and worse, started over, and Eric's still looking for his ideal job and Carolina hasn't gotten hers yet. Carolina wants to be Mayor of Holopaw. So far that career hasn't become available (this is backwater Florida, after all). To bring in some money, she got a career in Science, worked one day, then went on maternity leave, then got extra vacation days thanks to that aspiration-point reward. Carolina never goes back to work this entire installment, but still gets paid every day. It's a great life. (She's still looking for that job, but until it comes up, this isn't bad - keeps 'em in beer and skittles.)

Okay, so: transition time!

Moses looks pretty neat. I see a lot of Carolina in his features.

Personality check! Whew, something a little different. You can tell one trait among my sims, though: sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Okay, so that's something to work on in future.

Across the street to Ramon and Lenya Jeffries' place. When last we left, Lenya was giving birth and Ramon was just a wee bit irritated by the noise. "Hey, I've gotta get some sleep, I've got work in a few hours!"

Black hair, brown eyes. Ramon must've thrown a recessive on the hair. It's a boy whom they name Dieter. (That's "deet-er" not "diet-er", got it?)

"Did you hear Alan Jeffries is getting paid to put his City of Evercraft character stories on a blog? Man, what a sweet gig!"
"Was ist 'gig', Schatz?"

Both Ramon and Lenya have the "mad scientist" LTW, and got jobs in that career right away, but because of Lenya's maternity leave, they're at different levels in the job. That means they haven't had to get a nanny yet, since one of them is always home. Other than that, nothing really to report.

No, really, I mean it. Nothing happened. So let's skip ahead to transition. Wow. Dieter has some major jowls goin' on.

Personality Check! Aw, dang. Well, these kids all ought to get along great, I guess, since most of them have nearly identical personalities so far. This is in the order the houses were played, too. And yet they're not clones. Argh.

Okay, enough of them and their happily boring life. Let's check in on the Tellermans. Despite the possibility that Val might produce all three of Apollo's desired children in one go...

...they end up with one, Aether. Who looks like he got a good snifter of ether himself, if you know what I mean. "Duuuuude...."

"YES! Only two more to go!"
"Pol, I'm going to see about getting some non-hoochie-wear for me, and a telescope for you, mkay?"

Somehow, without my realizing it, the Tellermans and Serlings are all BFFs, and the Serlings invite themselves over (note Carolina's advanced 2nd pregnancy - seriously, it's Preggos On Parade, or POP, in this town).

Val has new clothing, and it's not the untucked shirts, because Laridian forgot to download them that fashion hasn't come to Holopaw yet. She autonomously talks to Carolina's belly. Val, you're not a family sim in disguise, are you?

"Oh, pardon me!" says the maid insincerely as he bumps into Val. You'll see why he's tetchy in a little while. Val is not amused.

Jenn comes back from stalking Lari's house. "Hi, girls! What's up?"

The big news (one hopes) is Lari's just-published book. Carolina raves over it (yay!). Sorry about the bad angle there, Jenn.

"Yep, I'm hot, pretty much. Got me a hot one, too. And I'm now a regularly recurring character on CSI Miami. Life couldn't get better."

No, but it can get worse, Apollo. Due to the writer's strike, Pol doesn't get any work for a while, so Val's dreams of a telescope for the hubby and new clothes for herself get shelved. So does the maid service. (Now you know why the maid is always ticked off - either he's picking up other people's messes or losing the work.)

I mean, dude, look. Clean up after yourselves, for cryin' out loud!

Oh, here's the portrait of Val in her underwear that Apollo painted.

Yay, Aether transitions! Just as the gardener comes in after an entire day spent raking leaves. Oops, they forgot to cancel the gardening service. This could get ugly.

NOT THE COMPACTOR! Dang it! Now they'll traipse out to the curb every time they want to throw something out.

But it doesn't matter because Val only has eyes for AETHER, SON OF APOLLO.

He even has the little baby beak! And he transitioned directly into that hair! (You can kinda see it in the cake scene.) Is Aether not awesome?! (Even if I do keep calling him "Moses" by accident.)

Personality check! Aw, crap. He's Apollo's clone, practically. No, I didn't clone him off, he was born like that. Well, that's happened to me before, in the Durrance second generation.

And lastly, the Marchinkovas house. Lari's book was just dropped off as she went into labor on the doorstep.
"RAY! You wanna lend me a hand, here?!"
"I have to put your book away first. Someday it might become a prized collector's edition or something."

Ninety minutes later...
"So, got the books put away, what're you up to? Oh yeah, you were having a baby, weren't you? How'd that turn out?"

A green-eyed redhead! Swoon! Her name is Sheila.

Ray really, really wants to go out, so he tries to set up a date at the diner (where he works, mind you). And so they call a nanny and then the taxi. Nanny didn't show up before the taxi did, so they had to ask for another nanny so they could leave. Then Lari got distracted by a book as two nannies went into the house. Then Lari couldn't get into the cab for some reason, so Ray went to the diner alone.

Ray came back home right away and they tried again, since there were now two nannies to take care of things and hopefully not burn the house down or anything stupid like that.

Man, Ray makes loads of Angry Face in Holopaw, doesn't he?

Off to the diner for a date and more photographs. The hotness that is Ray Jeffries cannot be denied by Florida's retiree population.

Yay pix!

Yeah, we all know what they're doing. I wonder how much coaxing it took to get Lari to agree.
"Dude, Ray!" Eric shouts over the din. "Just get a hotel room next time, man!"

But to his great surprise it seems she prefers guys
Who can dance somewhat slow in the rain

(apologies to Weird Al and Billy Joel)

Lari tries to dodge Jenn's attention. "Lari! Over here! Hey! You were out earlier, this is the third pass I've made by your house! Invite me in already!"

Ray's still working at the diner, frying everything in sight, while his son Ramon has a much more upscale job.

"Dada, I want a hotdog. With ketchup and mustard. No relish or onions. On a whole wheat bun. With a side of fries. You smell like onion rings. Tell you what, skip the fries and change that to onion rings."

And transition time! And she's wearing a mighty cute cut if I do say so myself.

...Oy. Yet another almost-bully personality spread. Criminy. I foresee a gang of bullies in this town. Or maybe they'll make up a big gang of criminals. Time will tell!

And speaking of time, the big clock on the wall says it's "That's all" from the Stridex Medicated Pad Hour and this installment of Holopaw! Be sure to tune in next time!

~ ~ ~

Notes On Names!

shewolfe, iceraptoress and music_simbol all gave me lists of names for their sim!babies. I picked Fiona Wolfe's middle name, though. For some reason "Fiona Amphitrite Wolfe" got into my head and I ran with it.
gotaluvsims2 and kin_thalas are letting me pick names for their sim!babies.
Lari and Ray's kids will get names that were rejected for my and Toly's real-world kids when we were picking names.
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