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CoH Sims: Production Notes/Outtakes for Tangled and Going Mental

At long last, it's outtakes and production notes from Tangled and Going Mental.

Production notes & outtakes from Tangled and Going Mental.

Tangled was a way to move things on and set the stage for Going Mental.

Pyra actually became an elder during the scene at the Dumonts' house. And Philip didn't seem to mind his folks slow dancing and the like, but we'll see how he does with other stuff (he doesn't seem to like PDA's).

Here they are the next morning. Pyra got the Vicky genes in force (which makes sense since she's Vicky's daughter). Very fox-faced. And she got the pointy ears! Wow. Doesn't bode well for Philip. To be honest, this is the first set of Vicky and Eric's grandkids that I've aged up this far, and so Harrison, Laura and Philip are all brave pioneers in the genetics lottery. (Ow! Mixed metaphor!) I wonder how long that face structure will pass down?

Is Clonus' girlfriend Aurora quite the mouth-breather, or what? I didn't pose them like this, they sat down to Hang Out like that, and it looked like she had a hand on his knee, so I decided they were dating, at least for now.

~ ~ ~

"Someday, Storm Wilder will be in the white house, and then I'll get control of the national R&D budget! They won't laugh at me then!"
"Dumont, dude, I'm glad I'm on your side."

The more I worked on CoH Sims, the more I realized Ray and Aria wouldn't make a good couple. They like each other, yes, but if I were Aria, I'd think twice about a long-term relationship with a guy with Ray's problems. So Aria had the struggle of wanting to let him down gently, but break up with him no matter what.

Meanwhile, Ramon and Micah weren't really working out either – plus Ramon started making eyes at Aria, and she seemed receptive. From Aria's perspective, she's always known Ramon as a level-headed caring guy. Of course, now she's finally seen the other side of him, so we'll see how their relationship goes. Aria's actually a mutant herself, with slight empathic abilities, but nothing has shown her on the same level as the rest of the empaths in this town, so whether she could help Ramon or not, we don't yet know.

Despite having full jealousy on, Ramon and Aria's makeout didn't trigger any "Sproing!" noise of broken hearts, nor did it cause Ray to run in. I had to use InSim to make him furious with Ramon so he could pick fights. I did like how Ramon and Aria ended up in the fight-scene pictures.

Aria, meanwhile, tries to fix things. "Oh, Ray! I'm sorry, I just forgot he wasn't you! You're so hot, and he looks like you - I mean - "

"Okay, let me try that again. He called me over, and he just reminded me so much of you that we - uh, never mind, I'll let myself out, okay?"

And on the way out the door: "Oh, hi, Eric! Mm, you're hot too! Uh, you didn't hear me say that."
Maybe it's best Aria and Ray broke up? ^^;;

Ramon ended up moving into Aria's house since living with Ray would be awkward now. Also, Ramon still considers his dad a best friend, even if it isn't mutual.

A little side-note. At the time, I had Eric parked in the Marlin household with Teff and his family, because he doesn't really have a home. So I move him from household to household depending on what I'm working on and whether I need him to be in the scene or not. I had him move into Ray's household to do the "go take care of Ray" plotline, which meant I moved him out of the Marlin house.
"Jeez, it's about time!" Aaron says.

So Eric heads out the door to the taxi. Teff is bummed. "I'm a Family sim and none of my Family wants are getting fulfilled!"

"But I'll put on a good face for dreamy Eric. Bye, Eric! Come back soon!"

"I swear, if I ever see Guy again I'll KILL him, do you understand me, boys?!"
Ripp (running to the kitchen): "My muffins!"

This is just to prove that Teff's autonomous, possibly bipolar mood swings are still going on.

Going Mental

Not much in the way of outtakes for this one.

What I did for the Dumonts' trip to Seattle was to take clones of the family and recreate them all in one of the "test hoods", which for me are Riverblossom Hills and Desiderata Valley. I don't want to create a downtown for Three Wolf Peak, since it's too small to have one, and then ever afterward, it's phone calls at 11:30 pm asking "Do you want to go to this great new place I found Downtown?!" when the sims really just want to go to collapse and sleep.

So, cloned Dumonts were put on a small blank lot, where I then created the hospital room. Hospital rooms are easy because they're small and bland and I have the "hospital equipment" collection. I did score the hospital bracelet download this time around, but I couldn't find a hospital gown I liked for teens – there aren't many, at least that I could find. So Philip just stayed in his unders, which worked out okay.

Philip also has eye makeup in the hospital scene, to make him look more tired and squinty. You can see the difference as a before-and-after. By the way, he and Jeremy only talked about money the whole time. Money, money, money. He's his father's son, even if he doesn't fit his supposed aspiration at all.
"Father, how dare you put my money into low-yielding CDs when I specifically asked for investments in stocks?!"

St. Alphais (whom the hospital is named after) is the patron saint of disabled, physically challenged, and handicapped people. There isn't any such place in the real world, but in the City of Heroes/Villains world, there must be specialized medical facilities to deal with mutants, aliens, empaths, and so on.
"Wait, I'm not physically challenged. I'm just all messed up inside!"

"Seattle" is a downloaded community lot. Pyra is actually on the lot somewhere playing computer games. This was when I realized placing the lot in my test hood resulted in local "test" sims wandering around in the background! Ray Jeffries, Darkfire and Vicky Serling all wandered into the shoot and I had to carefully position the camera to avoid them. On the other hand, the local townies provided some passersby.

Dang if that isn't a pretty community lot, isn't it? But it really slowed down my game. Still, it's a fully functioning lot. I'd recommend it for city-based stories if your machine can handle it. Also, there's lots of places to hide effects and pose boxes.

Lastly, I have to reshoot an entire scene in CoH Sims, but I'll post some outtakes from the scrapped shoot later on. Let's just say that there's still some ugliness going on over at Aria's house. And yes, she and Ramon "done it". They both wanted to and they want to marry each other, so who am I to stand in their way?

Ray, though, they may not be able to invite him to the wedding.
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