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Drabble: CoX

A Family Affair
(a new drabble-based story arc)
Fandom: City of Villains
Characters: members of Black Sunday (Darkfire, Tiny Tantrum, Snow Fury, Solar Flare, Tainted Shade)
Warnings: None
Notes: Starts and completes a whole new story arc. I can't help it. All 100-word segments are based off drabbles from drabblegroup's Fourth Table. I don't know if this is canon or not - it's canon if the participants want it to be, how about that? It's a bit strange, even for Black Sunday and their odd adventures of late. I blame everything on ... well, I had a really good concept, that's about it. XD
Total number of drabbles: Twenty! Count 'em!
Each one wordcount: 100, for a total of 2000 words.

Oh, and CoX and Sims readers alike might enjoy the cameos. :D

"Whaday'all got?" Dark asked his team. Time to work.
"I'm supposed to rob the bank in Founder's Falls."
"I'm supposed to take down some Freakshow calling himself k3w1d00d."
"I'm supposed to kidnap this guy and deliver him to Crey and make it look like aliens did it."
"I'm supposed to investigate this new hero team who's causing trouble on Mercy Island."
Everyone turned to look at Tiny Tantrum. "Mercy?" Dark repeated. "That's small-scale. Why would you have a job in Mercy?"
"I don't know." She held up her empty hands.
"Well, Mercy jobs are easy. We'll do that one first."

The sun was rising over the squalor of Mercy Island as the Black Sunday team began searching for this hero team. Minor villain gangs like the Snakes and Hellions steered clear of the tougher, more experienced villains.
None of Black Sunday was too concerned. They'd fought some impressive foes in their time, and a newbie hero team couldn't be that difficult. Besides, heroes usually dressed up very colorfully and obviously, and could be heard well in advance, spouting their catchphrases and combat quips.
Indeed, there was a brightly-garbed group now. They'd also noticed the villains, so no chance of surprise.

"So much for sneaking up on them," Dark said. "Go!"
Black Sunday leapt into action – or tried to, at least. With a blinding flash of light, the heroes struck poses reminiscent of comic-book splash pages everywhere, or perhaps Japanese sentai action teams, if one were more inclined to that side of popular culture. The flash stopped the Black Sunday villains in their tracks, unharmed but blinking, seeing stars, and unable to do much except – much like in those same aforementioned pop-culture elements – stand and watch, and let the heroes have their moment to strike a heroic pose and announce themselves.

"Villains! Surrender now, or face your fate!" announced the tall red-haired man. "This is Your Father speaking! You know this can't be put off forever!"
"Your naughty deeds will now be judged by Your Mother!" said the perky blond mom-type, in cute pleated knee-length skirt, nice top and fashionable yet reasonably priced ballet flats.
"You can't hide anything from your Big Brother!" said the teenage, redheaded slacker in surfer wear and the longest hair his parents would permit.
"You don't want your Little Sister to cry, do you?" said the sweetest little blond girl, "because that would make everyone sad."

But there was one more member of this hero group, an older woman, her iron-gray hair in a tight bun, wearing a long plain gray dress and a small hat with a flower in it. She carried a plain purse in her hard-knuckled hands.
"Go ahead and try something, punks," she snarled, shaking one birdlike arm at them. "Surrender now, or else!"
"Aunt Matilda, no!" Your Mother chided. "We need to show them the error of their ways in a good and wholesome manner!"
"They'll be a lot more wholesome after they face The Bowldlerizer!"
"We are – The Nuclear Family!"

"They've got a little girl," Dark said. "I can't beat up little kids. That's not right."
"Wimp," Solar sneered. "C'mon, let's break up this family!" She ran forward, hands blazing, to burn them all into a crisp. Shade followed, and so did Tiny.
Snow almost ran forward too, but Dark took her arm. "Wait," he said, shrugging out of his long maroon-and-gold tailcoat. "You might want to put this on."
Snow looked at him, in his cargo pants and gray T-shirt. "I'm not cold."
Dark looked at Snow, in her skintight blue spandex with lots of cutouts. "Just wear it."

"Trollop!" shouted the Bowldlerizer, and opened her purse at Solar.
Solar had expected large thrown rocks, or maybe the old bag would generate rocklike armor to protect herself. What else could a name that involved boulders entail? But instead, a shapeless black mass sprang from the purse's open mouth and wrapped itself around Solar. She shrieked, despite herself, as it morphed into an ankle-length shapeless black dress with sleeves down to the wrists. Her hair fell around her, severely short, with a black scarf wrapping around her head.
"Now you look much more presentable, dearie," the Bowldlerizer said, maliciously gleeful.

Tiny charged forward, when the little girl stepped in front of her. "Do you want to play?" she asked, looking up at Tiny with innocent eyes.
Tiny checked her forward rush, and things seemed a little different, like the sun was brighter and the sky bluer and "I'm Tiny," she said, then, "I mean, I'm Daphne," and she felt about the same age as the other girl, who smiled.
"I'm Nadija. Would you like to be friends?"
Tiny smiled and nodded back.
"C'mon, let's play!" She took Tiny's hand, and together they ran to play Store on nearby brownstone steps.

Sixth Sense
Shade snarled as the kid yet again pointed out exactly where he was.
The redheaded teenager's mom, or whoever she was, threw fire to either side, apparently aiming to trap him in one place.
Shade had full aura up, but the increasing sunlight made it hard to hide in the dwindling shadows.
What's this kid got?! Some kind of sixth sense?
"You can't hide, y'know," the teenager said. "Not with me watching you."
Shade was cornered by fire on two sides and a wall at his back. No way out, as Your Mother advanced, smiling pleasantly.

"We should do something," Dark said, remaining where he was.
"So why don't you?" Snow asked, going forward to throw ice down.
"Because – " Dark began, but she was already gone, and so he reluctantly followed. What could he do? Tiny was playing Mary Mack with the girl, Solar was struggling against a scratchy brown wool sweater and baggy tan pants, Shade was listening to the blond woman attentively. Dark's powers didn't include anything that protected against mental attacks. Okay, maybe he could...
He tossed an experimental flare toward Solar, who yelled, "Not me, you idiot!" as the clothes remained unharmed.

"Didn't mean ta," Shade mumbled, kicking at the street.
"Oh, I know you didn't, sweetie. But you know you shouldn't be a villain." Your Mother dabbed a damp hankie against his cheek, removing a smudge. "You have such potential, and Your Father and I know that you can do anything you put your mind to. You know we love you. Now, here's a cookie, and come give me a hug."
If Shade's embrace was fierce and tight, she did not show it. Then she planted a kiss on the side of his forehead. "There, now. You run along and play."

"There you are," Your Father said, hovering over the ice slick Snow had thrown down. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"
Snow had been raised in a laboratory, not a home. She had no real experience as part of a family. Even so, something compelled her to stop and listen to the redheaded man.
"Your Brother could use a little help," the man continued. The teenager appeared at the edge of the slick. "He has to do a report on cryogenic powers. Could you help him with that, kitten?"
"Of course," Snow said, walking over, smiling. "What do you need to know?

My team is in shambles, and it's my fault.
He was the only one who wasn't actually affected – maybe – and the heroes hadn't even injured anyone (except maybe Solar's pride, and she was tiring against the onslaught of full-body coverings).
Your Father turned to face Dark. "Well, son," he began.
"You're not – " Dark managed, sounding half-strangled. "I'm from somewhere else – you're not – "
"Call me Dad. You know, son, Your Mother and I never thought we'd see you here." He hovered over to land in front of Dark, who shook like a leaf. "Come on. You're not happy here, are you? Being a villain?"

"- It's not fair, I can't help that – " Dark sputtered.
"There, there," Your Father said soothingly. "I know sometimes things get frustrating. But look at you, leading the gang, and they respect you and like you. You keep that up and soon you'll be running a hero team this town will be proud of."
"D'you really think so, Dad?" Dark hungered for praise like he'd never known.
"I know so, son." Your Father carefully ruffled Dark's quill-like hair. "And you know Your Mother and I will support you."
"Of course we will," Your Mother added, Shade gazing adoringly at her.

Not Enough
Your Father thought a moment, head tilted on one side. "Okay, kids," he called. "Time to go. We have to meet your uncle for lunch."
"Awwww!" the little girl said. "But we just met!"
"Now, listen to Your Father," Your Mother said. "Say goodbye to your new friends and we'll try to come back soon, okay?"
"Ohhh-kay. Goodbye, Daphne. You come to my house soon, okay? We didn't get near enough time to play!"
Tiny hugged her back. "Of course I will!"
"Thanks for the info," Your Brother said, giving Snow a handshake after a warning glance from Your Mother.

"You're coming back, right?" Shade asked apprehensively.
"Of course, sweetie," said Your Mother, giving him another cookie. They were freshly made, Shade could smell the home-cooked goodness. "Now you remember what I said, okay?"
"Yes, Mom."
"You'll do fine, son." Your Father clapped a hand on Dark's skinny shoulder. "Just keep your chin up and remember what you're capable of.
"Right, Dad."
Snow just basked in the warmth and love of Family. It was the best feeling she'd ever known.
Solar gave up and lay panting on her side. She should've known she couldn't win against Aunt Matilda. Nobody could.

Your Mother gestured, and a portal of dark orange light opened. One by one the Nuclear Family waved, said goodbye (Little Sister looking very sad at Daphne), and stepped through. They came out in their dimension's base.
"I miss Daphne," Nadija pouted.
"I know, honey, but your uncle got what he needed, so we had to come back." Amber gave her daughter a quick hug.
"They seemed like nice kids," Storm said, going to the nearby counter for a cup of coffee.
"Oh, they are. They just need a little guidance. They probably don't get it at home, poor things."

"Hey, everyone!"
"Hey, Uncle Terry!" Anthony called, halfway to the fridge to make a sandwich. "Did you get it?"
"Sure did!" Terry "Thunderhead" Alvarado grinned and showed off a triangular device. "Some villain spider group had it, but a couple of tornados kept them out of the way. With this device, we're one step closer to solving global cooling!"
The whole family cheered, except Aunt Matilda. "Stuff and nonsense!" she barked. "And anyway, nothing wrong with those kids a trip to the woodshed wouldn't cure."
"Now, Aunt Matilda – "
"Don't 'Aunt Matilda' me, Storm Rayvn! I'm old enough to be your grandmother!"

When the family had gone, it was like something had gone out of the very air. Things looked a little greyer; the grime and trash of the Isles now seemed overly oppressive.
"I," Dark began, and stopped.
Nobody spoke.
"I don't feel like going out right now," Dark managed.
"Join the club," Solar mumbled.
"I think I'll just... go home for a while. You guys can go on if you want."
"I need to ... adjust my wardrobe," Solar said, heaving herself to her feet. She now wore a bright Hawaiian long-sleeved muumuu and clompy boots. "I'll come with you."

Dark looked around at his team. They all looked...
"Hey," he said, rallying, "Let's take a break. Why don't we go on home and... watch a movie or something.."
"It's seven in the morning," Tiny pointed out.
"There's no law that says you can't watch movies in the early hours. C'mon. We'll have popcorn and order delivery from Pat and Mike's 24-Hour Pizza."
"What'll we watch?" Snow asked.
Dark knew just the films. Galaxy Quest and Mystery Men. Both featured groups of misfits who became families. Just what his team was doing.
Even when they were defeated without a fight.


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May. 22nd, 2008 04:05 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. I was like this :D The whole time.

May. 23rd, 2008 04:08 am (UTC)
I was hoping you'd like it! Now you know why I needed to know Tiny's real name! :)
May. 22nd, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
Awesome. I couldn't help but giggle about Solar's wardrobe problems. :D Quick thinking Dark giving/insisting Snow wear his jacket. hehe.

oh yea, are you TRYING to kill me? 20 drabbles all at once. *Swoon*

Edited at 2008-05-22 05:34 pm (UTC)
May. 23rd, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
I've wanted a character called the Bowldlerizer for ages. Hard to work into CoX, though. ;)

Yep, twenty. I think I still have 17 to go (I have a couple written I haven't posted yet). 50 in a month is hard! I actually wrote most of these last Friday, though.
May. 22nd, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
Wow. Just wow. You win at drabbles.

Hee! When you said tall red-head and perky blonde, I knew immediately who you were talking about! And geesh, talk about an effective hero team! No power stronger than that of family luv! And cookies! I bet they could have Recluse himself broken down into penitent tears in no time.

giving Snow a handshake after a warning glance from Your Mother


Actually, the whole thing made me lol and go "aww!" several times, and feel both sad and warm fuzzies. Good job.

Shade: *twitch*
May. 23rd, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
You win at drabbles.

I love the thought of Storm and Amber's family just steamrolling over anyone in their path without even raising a finger. I think technically what they're doing is mental domination. >_>;

I'm not sure we could call this canon, but it would be interesting, wouldn't it? I had fun creating AU Storm/Amber family and Terecito, though. And Aunt Matilda Crumplebottom. Had to have her in there. :D

(Argh, I really need to give Storm and Amber a photobooth so I can get a pic of them together for an icon!)
May. 23rd, 2008 08:43 am (UTC)
Oh wow, 20 drabbles! Kudos to you, you´re so busy!

This was fun. At first I was just confused but as the names came out I had to laugh.
May. 23rd, 2008 12:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks and thanks! :) Many times I think of a longer storyline, and doing linked drabbles work well.
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