Laridian (laridian) wrote,

[City of Heroes] Hot Diggety Damn (pardon my French)

Wow. I just finished the last of the Dark Watcher's arc in City of Heroes.

I was mostly just playing around with various alts today to clean up really old missions and finally got back to Eric "Boneshatter" Serling. His choices were a job in the Rikti War Zone for the Dark Watcher, or Crimson's Malta arc. Since Malta are one of the few organizations who can really mess Eric up, I went for the RWZ. The mission: Save the World from the Rikti. The Dark Watcher suggested I take along some help.

Well, Eric isn't one to shy from trying to go it alone. So off he went.

Thank goodness for his self-invisibility. He got partway through and came across Fusionette. After rescuing her (presumably her boyfriend Faultline was around somewhere, too), Eric went invisible again and left her behind. Fusionette's too much of a loose cannon. He continued sneaking his way into the Rikti sanctum. Once there, his job was to destroy the four portal generators and defeat the Rikti War Lord.

Now, by this time my kids are watching, on either side of me. Pixie is pointing out all the drones, since they can see Eric even when he's invisible. Imp is giving advice and asking how much XP the various enemies are worth. (They think the Rikti are robots, which is an honest mistake.)

One by one, the generators are taken out, with waves of drones and Rikti coming to try to stop Eric. He's unstoppable. Finally the alarms stop sounding and Eric can turn his attention to the War Lord in the center of the room. He's got some minions by him, no way we can grab those without attracting the War Lord's attention.

It occurs to me that maybe I should look at what-all Eric's got in his powers list. Well hey! He's still got 4 summonings of Amy Jonson left! And he's got a completely-unused wedding band from Striga, that grants all kinds of extra protection! And here's a couple of dark powers he never uses! Sonofagun.

So, off to fight the War Lord. Eric kicks on Instant Healing and the Wedding Band and summons Amy. The kids begin rooting for Amy and yelling "Don't attack Amy!" at the bad guys. XD The battle is fierce but Eric is prevailing. Then Nemesis shows up! Holy cow!

Eric concentrates on the War Lord first and then runs up to Nemesis. Another nasty battle ensues. I can hear Amy still throwing spells around (Go Amy!). And finally Nemesis goes down too, and then there's the small army of Gewehr Jaegers and Dragoons and extra Rikti and whatnot.

The telling isn't too exciting, perhaps, but wow, that was a heckuva battle. The kind that, especially if you solo, you feel like you really did something impressive. :D

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