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Drabble: CoX

Finishing up (or nearly so) the story of how Jeremy Dumont got his shard.

This one is off the Big Table.

014. Dusk
Fandom: City of Heroes/Villains
Character: Jeremy Dumont
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 100

014. Dusk
He'd done it. He'd brought them back. It was a heady feeling, leaving him shaky.
"What now?" he was asked.
"Get out of here. Get rid of your uniforms and go underground," he said. "The Fifth Column is dead. If you don't want the Council fragging you, you'll stay hidden."
They disappeared into the gathering gloom, leaving him with an empty rifle and bloodstained uniform.
You're very interesting, the shard repeated in his head, in his own voice. But now you have work to do. And don't think you can get away. Stronger men than you have tried, and failed.
Tags: fiction: city of heroes/villains
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