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I have so got to update the Androsynth webpage. It's been close to 2 months. ACK. Bad writer! No... um... no what? I'm on a diet. >_>

Anyway, that's what I'll be doing this week, I suppose, besides the 17-year Interval write-up, is updating the webpage.

M had a bad night, kept waking up. Not sure what the cause was, because he wasn't thirsty or anything - I think he was either having teething problems or just wanted Mom to come in and hold him for a while.

Today I have to do the newsletter, which means I have to scan some pix and get another page of the kids' website up too. Plus take the car back in to the shop AGAIN because the window that was supposedly fixed ain't fixed no mo. (It wouldn't roll down, then it would, now it won't again.) And see if that xstitch can be pushed along any easier than it can. You'd think "80 x 90 stitches" would be smallish, and it is, sorta, but that still comes out to 7200 stitches.

Pretty good night with the Sunday 9s last night, and I might write a Heat fic if I find time for it (on top of everything else I'm doing). Debating whether to cancel the newspaper 2 months early - don't know if I'd get any significant money back, but I'm barely reading it as is.

Oh, and we watched part of Finding Nemo this weekend. We'd never seen it before, but my folks lent us the DVD so we figured, why not. We're watching it ahead of the kids - I know K's 2.5yo cousin loves it, but K seems kinda sensitive sometimes to things, so we want to make sure there's nothing too scary in it, just to be safe.

On to figuring out just how backlogged I am on Androsynth website, and getting the kids' page together before anyone else wakes up...
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