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CoH Sims: Lech Nova's Descendants

shewolfe asked for this. :) It's all worksafe.

Lech Nova, for a long time known only as "the Manho" in CoH Sims Season One, sure has turned out some decent looking descendants, hasn't he? Let's take a look.

So, here's our boy Lech. Romance sim extraordinaire. Most of the Outskirts swooned over him. This wasn't his first outfit, which was eye-bleedingly distinctive, but this one looks better, and you can tell where Storm got his outfits from, and also where Lightning got his college outfit, but we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Lech had his son Zel, who was the result of Lech's long-ago marriage. Neither Lech nor Zel talked much about Zel's mom, but based on what Lech said back then, he did love her. We can only assume she was blond and blue-eyed, since Zel doesn't have his dad's distinctive look.

Meanwhile, Lech got youthanized and proceeded to enjoy his newfound youth quite a bit. As a result, he sired several known illegitimate children. Hey, he might've sired quite a few more that nobody in the Outskirts even knew about!

The ones we do know about:
First, there's Storm Alvarado Wilder. Storm was the result of a one-night stand between Lech Nova and Skye Rayvn. Skye dumped her infant on the social worker immediately after birth; she never even know Lech was the father, thanks to her own Romance ways. Storm eventually did find out about his bio-parents and their habits, which was a little distressing. In the meantime, he was raised by Terecito Alvarado.

Second, there were the twins Thunder and Lightning, also raised by Terecito. Thunder and Lightning were the result of a one-night stand with Ramon Jeffries (who came to regret the whole mess in many, many ways). Thunder and Lightning are currently in college in Three Wolf Peak, Montana. Thunder has had his green hair treated to be red, while Lightning's sticking with the family green.

Then there was that weird kid Lech sired on Sorcha Omega Oak in another one-night stand (notice a trend here?). His name was Pistil. He never got to adulthood in the story, but I aged him up to see how he'd look. This is the one kid of Lech's that didn't turn out conventionally handsome like the others, because of those big alien eyes, but he's got good bone structure nonetheless. (And anyone else notice that Lech appears to sire nothing but sons?)

So, that's five sons Lech sired in the Outskirts before his untimely death. Currently he has a few grandkids.

Zel married Tori Serling (daughter of Eric and Vicky) and they had a daughter, Star - thus, Star Nova. We never saw Star as an adult, but she strongly took after the Serling side (specifically, Vicky).

Pistil wasn't an adult when we left the Outskirts (he was aged up for that picture) so he never sired any kids in my game. Thunder and Lightning are still in college. That leaves Storm, who married Amber Wilder, took her name, and had three kids with her.

Jodi Wilder is still a child, but she looks a lot like Amber so far, minus the different skin color, of course.

Nadija Wilder has her grandmother Skye's hair, her great-grandfather "Doc" Rayvn's brown eyes (yes! that's where they're from!), and her mother's skintone. So far she looks like she'll be quite attractive, despite the highly unusual coloring.

And lastly, here's Anthony, who continues the family legacy of great-looking rainbow-eyed redheads, after his father and grandfather.

So there you have it. All told, Lech is the father of five known sims, and grandfather of four. His genes have done quite well. I think he'd be proud. ^_^
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