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That'll teach me

...never to say "so I should be updating more often now" or words to that effect. @_@;;

We started playing Star Control 2 for the first time since, um, 1996 or so? Anyway, just as good as last time, but this time we're cheating a bit and looking up stuff periodically on the web to make sure we're doing the right thing.

Man, the Orz are creepy! And no, what happened to the Androsynth is never explained. We never played SC1 so I only know what little about the Androsynth is in the game and the manual, and they're... gone. Don't know if the Orz did something to them, or other strange pandimensional beings, but the Androsynth are ... gone. No bodies, no last words... gone. (shiver)

In the game, it's very creepy and unnerving.

It does put me in the mind to write an Androsynth fic, though.

Anyway, moving on. Finished one NP, working on the next and it should be done soon. (I do a lot of needlepoint while Star Control is going, actually.) I owe a PBEM response to someone from over a week ago, partly because of SC2, partly because I really goofed in the last one and I don't know how to make it right this time. >sigh< And I now have no less than 7 xstitch projects lined up because Mom dumped a brand-new one on my lap: "Why don't you make this for your mother-in-law?" Although she wants her own stuff that I promised to update, back quickly. So I'm going to finish the NP first and then get back to Mom's piece, etc.

And we're looking at a recipe to enter for the Pillsbury competition. Why not?

Weather is gorgeous and we're leaving the windows and doors open quite a bit.

Paranoia PBEM is backlogged like everything else due to SC2. Sorry about that, if anyone's reading this.

Got to go, little miss is calling.
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