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Drabble: CoX

49 Toys (free prompt)
Third table (drabblegroup
Fandom: City of Villains (CoX)
Character: Khalid "Simaster" Jeffries
Warnings: None
Notes: You should read this first.
Wordcount: 100

"What's this?" Khalid lifted his foot from the thing he'd stepped on. It was a squeaky toy mouse, the kind you got for a cat.
He nudged it with his foot. A cat toy? Why would that be here? He wasn't aware of any pets belonging to Black Sunday. Sure, people joked that the thugs and ninjas and robots and zombies were pets. They weren't, of course. But maybe this was part of some insidious trap, to distract him from the real danger.
Khalid looked around warily, and saw nothing unusual, except the cat toy. A very insidious trap indeed.
Tags: fiction: city of heroes/villains, writing challenges
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