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Tellerman Legacy: Production Notes/Outtakes for Keep the Home Fires Burning

Production notes & outtakes for "Keep the Home Fires Burning". There's some excellent stuff involving a penguin.

I'm going to post these in mostly chronological order. Here, the boys are still teenagers, and Wrai is probably dealing with Apollo's makeup fixation. "Pops, kids today don't wear makeup. That's so old."

Josen autonomously went to catch fireflies and did so! It's slightly funnier that he's standing in guardwolf pee, since he's right next to the mailbox. *facepalm* Jo, no!

Gen 9 is when the interestingly-featured people begin showing up, probably because the game now has to generate brand new teens. Like this blond, ear-studded Komei Tellerman type.

I loved this pic but just didn't know how to work it in, because it's all thought balloons, not speech bubbles. It's Apollo and Hestia.
"Remember when I beat up my no-good drug-addicted cousin?"
"He got served, all right."

And here's Visomorpain Addict Afro Boy, who follows Tellermans into bathrooms and watches. Begone! (Hm, I should've shipped him off to college just to get rid of him.)

Hestia is aiming for all the badges she can get while working at home, but no sales type badges just yet (the sales stuff doesn't interest me at present). That meant waylaying any townie walkby and giving them makeovers, whether they wanted 'em or not. And for the first time ever, I actually looked at Goopy Gilscarbo. The name is still "Maxis, why?" but I now know the "Goopy" face is Hestia's and Alon Durrance's and several other people's. Goopy may get to be in some other 'hood somewhere else, presuming I ever get to any other projects. And I'll change his name, too.

Off to college!

The funny part about Ravi is that while he thought Josen was the hottest thing on two legs, he ended up with Wrai in the end. (No, not like that "in the end" - they never even so much as kissed.)

This is partly because the dormies were blowing hearts for everyone, and partly because Wrai turned out to like the boys. (Who knew! I blame Richter Cormiere.)

This is why Ravi came along to the Tellerman college house.

Wrai, for his part, had a hankering for a makeover badge, since the chair was already there (from Paragon's time, believe it or not). So he made over every dormie in the place, and a couple others. Brown Sweater Girl looks remarkably different with the Nerdette makeover, including glasses and slight buck teeth.

Now this one - you can see her "before" pic in the upper left. I think she looks much better in the "after" shot, but that may be just me. I don't often do much with makeup and the like, so this was a chance for me to test things out. Honestly, I could probably do away with half the makeup CC I have and do just fine.

The next interesting thing was discovering that Candice is a dormie from way back. How long back? She remembers Swithin and Hale (gen 2!) and was apparently on good enough terms with them that she worries about Hale's enmity and Swithin's reanimation. Dang.

Random Dormie Moments:
"Huhr, and then I kissed her! I'm not a virgin any more!"
"Way to go, dude!"

Tellermans In Space!

I wanted to do a pic of Romeo for one of the "letters". I would've done more than one, but I had such a fight on my hands trying to set this one up, and it's not even that great. -_-; First things first: cheat Romeo up to graduation and ship him off to a lot. Without a dynamic and eye-catching outfit, the makeup looks very odd on him.

(That's Regina and Kessa in the above pic - Regina was adopted into Gen 7, and Kessa was a Gen 6 spare.)

I accidentally moved Romeo into the wrong lot from the neighborhood screen (doh) - I put him in the Tellerman lot that the aliens currently reside on. This is where the Tellermans lived from gens 1-ish/2 through 5. Romeo's very first act upon moving in was to go argue with a townie. There are actually a lot of crabby sims in the Tellerman family. We just don't see it all the time.

So I moved him out, and poked around for an unoccupied lot. There aren't many in Westerly; most of the spares reside permanently at college. I found this one, and thought it looked oddly familiar...

Anyone else recognize it? It's the very first Tellerman home! This was the house that founder Sebastian Tellerman and his girlfriend Zephyra built, right after college, and the kids Swithin and Hale were born here. But it was glitchy and a portal got blocked, or something, so people couldn't exit the lot. It was when a family friend began going into aspiration failure that I realized something had to be done. At the time, I didn't know what I know now, of course, so I moved the whole dang family to a new lot. Figured, you know, glitchy lot and all.

So, Romeo was moved onto the original lot. Nice big rooms, good to work with for a basic photoshoot. I started summoning townies to the lot, making them selectable, giving them appropriate makeovers & wardrobe changes to look like they were on a spaceship. And the glitchiness reared its ugly head. I accidentally pulled in a couple of YAs, and none of those could change clothes. I even had them buy the new clothes with the wardrobe adjustor, but they couldn't wear them. It's all Maxis outfits, too, so no "it's bad CC" excuse here. Even a couple of townies had this problem - Goopy was originally going to be one of the crewmen. But he, too, couldn't change outfits to the Maxis bodysuit. This bothers me a bit, but if I can just get Gen 10 done, I'll be happy.

*poof* Teens, transition yourselves! Wow, matching outfits, accessories, hair and skintones. That's interesting. In the back, the bubblers are keeping the "crew" occupied while the makeovers are going on.

It's probably hard to guess identities in the pic. Romeo himself has a serious Buzz Grunt look going on. "Molnar" is a townie type, if I remember correctly. "The Sheikh" is one of the bin playables, I think. So who are the other two? "Slack" is Malcolm Landgrabb IV. The squinty fellow in front is the li'l Ottomas kid, all growed up.

Back home on the range!

First time I've ever seen this want. (Also, note that Apollo is still carrying a torch for the college-age Kaylynn Langerak!)

I'm starting to run out of room on the lot, and I may need the space for something in Gen 10, but I at least got a small shed up, and put the pigs and sheep. The sheep are better created than the pigs. (The pigs are old - they go back a loooong way.) I have some cows and horses, too, but trying to be practical about it, pigs and chickens provide food without quite so much land space. Horses aren't necessary on a small "farm" like this. Full-size cows would require either grazing land or feed, and Hestia's trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. I didn't have any goats to put down, though they're mentioned in the story. I figure the sheep are more of an experiment, to see if only a couple sheep can generate enough income/meat/wool/whatever to make it worthwhile - otherwise, you have the same space & feed issues as with cows, though on a different scale.

The creepy Ottomas dad, now even creepier after a makeover! (Oh, in case you're wondering about how he feels re: his toddler son heading off to war, I exited without saving after trying for 3 hours to get that one pic set up. So the kid didn't get permanently aged up.)

Is this Goopy again? I dunno. I started getting funky with the makeovers.

The pets were NOT starving... I guess they just really like that brand?

The pics of "Pol's birthday" are actually for the golden anniversary party. I played out the main household after the kids went to college, to help pass time and keep the elders from hanging around forever. I love Apollo's elder outfit. It's so very "him". Hestia looks gorgeous, but her blush now looks too strong/bright.

Hestia tickles Wrai...

...Apollo tickles Josen. Jeez, these parents.

"Mama, I know I have a nasty disposition and I get into fights a lot, but as a lawyer, those are my strong points, and it'll help me make a lot of money!"

(I lost track of Josen's fights. He particularly hated all mascots and the blond cheerleader.)

Despite this, Josen and Candice had two bolts for each other, and he never picked on her or argued with her. I think she has Zephyra's features (Gen 1 spouse), and those were the ones who kicked off the whole Tellerman Nose bit. Yes, I'm hedging my bets on heirs - Gen 8 taught me a valuable lesson.

The Spathi missiles really are called Backward Utilization Tracking Torpedoes, and Spathi ships ("Eluders") can only fire from the back, and the missiles track enemy craft. I'd wanted to mention them anyway, so Wrai telling the dirty joke, and mentioning bombs at the same time as doing the butt wiggle? Perfect.

Josen had great expressions, usually of the scary or angry kind. Yes, this was right after the "love" picture. Maybe he's talking about gold diggers?

Well, he likes Candice no matter what. These two were always off playing water balloon catch, or making out.

And she, uh, loves him too. And his fine, handsome profile.

Josen had a hard time getting along with everyone else, though. (That's Olivier looking remarkably animated)

Wrai's Departure
Originally I hadn't decided which kid got to be part of the Vega exploratory group. Wrai is a fan favorite, after all. But Wrai got glitched; despite having all the skill points he'd ever need (he had 8s in almost everything just going into college, and a 6 in the other skill), his college bar said he hadn't completed all the skills to be able to pass. Nothing changed this. So I cheated him up to graduation and moved him out. Even though nothing else was immediately a problem about him, if he's glitchy, I don't want that in the last generation.

"So then I - wow, something just got in my contact lens, feels like it's the size of a freakin' soccer ball! Ow!!"

Is it just me, or did Wrai's nose shrink with adulthood? It's very hooky, but not actually that large. Anyone else think so? He's still kinda cute though. (But I prefer the intensely crabby Josen.)

Then I had Candice graduate, before I realized, duh, I only need to throw grad parties for the heirs, not the spouses! (Hestia's LTW was for the golden anniversary; Apollo's is "graduate 3 kids from college".) So I have pictures from an event I didn't even need to put myself through.

Oh goodness... gossiping over Swithin. (Maybe about how Wrai looks a little like Swithin? Who knows?)

On the other hand, Josen? Gossiped about Romeo and death. Three times in a row, exact same speech bubbles. You're a dark one, Jo. I mean, jeez.

Once they were out, that left Ravi, Kefira, and Olivier. I decided Ravi would be the placeholder for this house, for if the Gen 10s make it to college. But how come Kefira suddenly started blowing hearts for him? She and Olivier are engaged!

Engaged, maybe, but zero bolts. I never fixed either of their turnons, and Kefira's hot for redheads, while Olivier liked brunettes. Oops. A couple lucky doses of renuyu porta-chug later, and all is well with the world again!

"What do you mean, you want to drop out of college and go into the military? Are you nuts? You only have a semester left!"

Interesting... the maid cleans the countertop while the big plate is still on it. She then picked up the plate and put it in the dishwasher, so it couldn't be that the plate was stuck. I dunno. ^^;;

So now Josen, Candice, Kefira and Olivier are all back at the homestead, with Apollo and Hestia and three pets. Going to be a crowded house, especially once the babies start coming, and they will be arriving, don't you worry about that. I just hope there'll be room for more than one kid per couple. Yes, I could use "lot full of sims" but I'd rather let things take their course naturally if possible... but we'll see, because we're almost to the end of the Tellerman story.

~ ~ ~

And now, I promised you a penguin.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to get through this thing called Life." Um, wait, wrong page.

"I know you'd both go to the ends of the earth for each other. It's obvious there's a real connection between you two."

"Outsiders might think you cold, but I consider myself a good judge of character, and I think deep down, your hearts are like burning lumps of coal."

"Do you promise to take each other, in sickness and in health, in good and in bad, in lean times and in fat times?"

"To raise whatever children may result from this blessed union, to teach them that education is snow joke?"

"Then by the power invested in me by the Nutty Radical Country of Pengo-Pongo, I now pronounce you snowman and snowife."

(I love that the eyebrows and mouth are made from green beans.)

Also, this is just a guess, but I think "mean" snowmen are made by grouchy sims, and "nice" snowmen by nice sims. Apollo made the mean one, Hestia made the nice one, and those match their personalities. Just a thought, and worth experimenting with.
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