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Sims: The Rules of Death, for CoH Sims and Tellerman Legacy

I've been re-reading some of my older stuff, and thought I should get this down, just in case anyone was wondering (though likely they weren't).

So Buck Grunt murdered a lot of people (feeding a bunch to the cowplant) in CoH Sims Season One. Khalid resurrected his cowplant-masticated brother Ramon once, then killed him from a distance later, and Jeremy Dumont resurrected Ramon again. So, someone might wonder, what are the rules here regarding death and coming back? Because if it could be done easily, nobody would ever die again. Yet obviously that doesn't happen.

The rules stem partly from the game logic of CoX, and partly from what we can interpret in Sims. So here's the breakdown of the Rules of Death in my CoX/CoH Sims stories.

1. Death from old age is permanent. Your body's worn out; even if someone could bring you back, you'd just die again. More likely, you just wouldn't come back at all.
2. The afterlife is unknown. Different characters have different beliefs about what happens after you die, but nobody really knows for sure. Even those who come back don't have a clear answer about what it was like while they were "away".
3. You can be brought back if it's very soon after death. In CoX terms, you get teleported to the hospital, where they use converted Rikti technology to bring you back; or you take a "wakie" pill at the last moment, and it can bring you back (though you feel like crap for a while afterwards); or someone with "rezzing" ability brings you back, usually at some cost to them (energy, communing with dark entities, etc.). But it has to be done quickly. In CoX, there are many missions where you come across dead bodies, or are sent to recover dead bodies. It's implied that these people are permanently dead and there's no coming back. Therefore, I extrapolate that there's a definite time limit for coming back to life by the above means. If too much time has passed, rezzing doesn't work. There's been too much damage due to lack of oxygen, or something.
4. You can be brought back if someone is willing to make a very big sacrifice and has the right connections. And by "sacrifice" we mean "probably involves the selling of souls and/or other unpleasant means". I don't need to explain "connections", do I? Or "be careful what you wish for"?
5. Zombies can't be brought back. This falls under the "too much time has passed" rule. Plus, in CoX (and by extrapolation, in CoH Sims), Vahzilok zombies are stitched together from parts of many different people. They can't be brought back, even if you find all of John or Jane Doe's parts and try to rez them. After all, if John or Jane Doe is in pieces, that counts as catastrophic damage. Zombies cannot be rezzed, only destroyed. Yes, zombies behave with some degree of intellect, but it's hard to tell if that's from their creator or controller, or the magic or other nefarious means that animated them, or what. Zombies don't vocalize, and I'm guessing that there's no real mental communication with them; maybe there's not enough to communicate with.
6. Death can be postponed... but at what cost? Lech Nova stayed young from drinking cowplant milk, but the cowplant only produces milk after feeding on human bodies (ideally, fresh ones). The Immortals (Ray, Eric, Terecito, Teff, Jeremy, Guy, and some others we haven't heard from in a while) stopped aging, but they can still get hurt or die from catastrophic damage, and they face the very real (and unpleasant) prospect of outliving not just spouses, but children and grandchildren and friends. Not to mention the awkwardness of moving every so often just to keep their longevity hidden – much trickier in today's wired and interconnected world.

So, this explains why, say, Vicky Serling wasn't rezzed; she died of old age, and that's permanent. Unless someone caught Buck in the act of murder, and immediately rezzed the victim/took the victim to a very well-equipped hospital/shoved a wakie down their throat, the cowplant victims are also permanently dead. Ramon was brought back to life by his brother Khalid making unsavory deals with otherworldly entities; after Ramon was killed as an indirect result of those same deals, he was on his way to permanent death. He was probably just on the outer time limit of revivability when Jeremy Dumont rezzed him.

All this also explains, to a degree, why most ordinary folks aren't rezzed. People who died of old age or terminal illness aren't able to be rezzed by normal means. Those who die by accident or murder have a limited time to be rezzed, as long as the bodies are mostly whole. (You could presumably come back from a stab wound, but not from a decapitation.) Heroes in active service are given transponders, so they get teleported to the hospital in case of death. I'm guessing VIPs of various flavors (well-equipped police departments, heads of state?) also get transponders. Of course, one might wonder "why doesn't everyone have one of these?" It's a good question. Is it because of technological limitations? Price limitations? If based on price, one might expect that eventually the price will go down and the tech will become widespread. Are there only a limited number of transponders, because they're stolen/scavenged alien or Rikti technology? That would neatly explain why there aren't more around.
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