Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Xstitch: card for mother-in-law

Hey everyone! For those expecting the usual Sims post on a Monday, well, it's not ready yet and probably won't be until later in the week at earliest. (I'm not even done playing yet, for this installment.) So instead, most of this week will be of other, creative stuff.

Therefore, to begin: Xstitch time! This one was for Toly's mom. Unfortunately, I mailed it before I scanned it... so I had to scan the packaging, which is pretty beat up. >_>;

I know it's more Easter-themed, but I wanted to send the MIL something for Christmas, and she likes the cute stuff. This was a kit that included a card. The xstitch is fixed to the inside of the card; the packaging shows the inside. The outside is plain. I suppose if you had a steady hand and a good eye, you could draw something on the outside. It's very glossy, so paint likely wouldn't hold on.

Anyway! Pretty easy kit to do. It was actually a purse project.
Tags: xstitch
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