Laridian (laridian) wrote,

HL cosplay planning

Okay... today's plans for the HL cosplay... I've tried looking up in the phone book about costumes, and, well, it's not easy. There's a couple places I'm going to call and see if it's the sort of thing they can do.

Toly estimates it'll run me about $100-$150 for costuming.

In a costuming community, someone suggested getting the stretchy athletic/cycling clothing material for the base, in the appropriate color, and doing iron-on transfers in similar material (other color) for the lightning bolts. The boots, if I can find something standardized, are probably airbrushed... and if I can find a Tshirt shop I can probably find a good airbrusher (I hope).

The arms would be metal foil tape over ... what??

Belt - in theory, that kind of belt is easy to find... in practice... the color might be a problem.

Hair - get a good synthetic wig, style it into spikes, and probably give it a good coat of Krylon. ;) Seriously, spraypaint will probably be best if I can get it to match the color.

With Halloween coming up, finding facepaint in the right color shouldn't be too hard.

Is it just me, or does it look like there's a zipper down the front of his outfit? Hm... I'll have to go in-game and take a better look. He's either got abs or padding...

So. Today's costuming tasks: Find someone who can put this together quickly and accurately (kinda critical here). Because if I can't do that, it doesn't matter. If I can find someone, then do research for boots and wigs and stuff - local if possible (Hot Topic?), Internet with quick delivery if not.
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