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Tellerman Legacy: Production Notes/Outtakes for The War At Home

Yep, it's time for the outtakes and production notes from The War At Home.

This is actually the first household I may have ever had where most of the inhabitants intensely disliked each other. Pax and Apollo were on best terms, of course; but the other three kids disliked each other, their parents, and Pax and Apollo about equally.

I had lots of new events/wants going on in this household. Zorra is a Pleasure sim (prescient die roll there) and this is the first time I've ever seen this want:

She looks a lot like Kay, doesn't she? Also, her makeup makes her eyes look tired and bloodshot, and her cheeks look sunken. Custom content earns its keep!

I had a whole scene's worth of pictures that I probably had a plot for when they first appeared. I couldn't remember it later, though. And some of the pix just didn't work out, like this one where Pax is chewing vacantly into space. I think she did this as a teenager, too.

I mean, love and then magic? I could probably have come up with something, but nothing lent itself well.

"I gotta get out of here, you two are gonna be at each other's throats in a minute." (note Splash's V-shaped skull)

It really was that way, too, with a little help from me; I had to get them started on the slapping, but then they went at it. Note Romeo, looking all "boy, are YOU gonna get it".

Splash's Emodyne meant he was on an emotional rollercoaster, wanting to beat the (*&*^%%^ out of Apollo and then crying because Pol slapped him silly. The bully can dish it out but can't take it?

They finally slugged it out next to the pool (it would've been great if one/both could've fallen in). Note the napping Romeo on the couch - because of the rampant dislikes going on, this happened a lot. I did finally get Romeo and Apollo to where they could both sleep in the same bed together, just to make it easier on me and them.

I wanted this one of Romeo cheering Splash on (I think that's what he was doing; Romeo's a piece of work; he really did reject hugs) but I thought Pax, as a military mom, would've been lots more hands-on than just cringing and wringing her hands and going "Oh deary me!" She would've waded in there and made them stop. So instead, the story had Pax just showing up at the end of the fight. Also, Romeo is still picturing Apollo with his old thumbnail pic, which doesn't make sense in story context, since Pol doesn't look like that.

I figured whoever won, won, and I'd write the story from there. They were about even, both fit; I think Splash *may* have had one more body point than Apollo. As it turned out, Splash won and Apollo got a valuable lesson in unpreparedness for life's uglier moments.

Back to "first time I ever saw that": shortly after the fight, Splash got this want:

So he went up to Apollo after a few hours, whereupon he did the "ew, do I HAVE to?" face. Hey, it's your want, buddy.

And immediately after the apology:

If Splash is still in that household when Apollo comes home from college, it's going to be very ugly indeed.

Romeo's transition was a hoot. Like all these kids, he transitioned into boring clothes and no makeup (kids don't wear makeup in this universe/timeline). He appears to be a physical clone or near-clone of Splash. Forunately for me, I have something like 4-5 of those freaky clothes, so each teen boy can look different yet similarly in fashion. Both Splash and Romeo gave great expressions and faces, Splash as the always-high drug addict and Romeo doing his best b**chy reactions to everything.

So now Apollo is in college. I may age up the cousins just to get them out fairly soon. Pax really is an elder. And with Paragon dead in a thrill-seeking accident, I really need to clean house (e.g. move all the tombstones out to the family cemetery).

I also tweaked one picture (which I'm showing here 'cause I'm proud of it). When Apollo went to college, nobody was there with him. He's at 100/100 with his mother Pax, and his father's dead. But nobody was there. Now, when Sebastian went to college way back in Gen 1, starting in this new 'hood, he too had nobody there, because he got started as a CAS, so he just went and that was that - no special stuff in the cutscene. (I used a snap from the cutscene for the title pic, here, back when I started the Tellerman Legacy.) But Apollo went, then did the turnaround and "oof" hug, with nobody, or an invisible sim if you prefer. Maybe it was his ghostly dad. I did get the one screencap, at least. But the original had very dark eyes for some reason.

So I fixed the eyes and they came out quite nice. This is the pic used in the story. I toyed with putting "ghostly" images of Tellermans past behind him, but thought that might be too much work and not look nice enough.

Who's Apollo's mystery lady? She's Kaylynn Langerak, aged down to a teen and then sent off to college. However, given we just had Kay in the previous generation, Kaylynn the former maid will get a new name. I youthened her because I know she carries the George McCarthy nose. That didn't do so well for Gen5 heir Vega (who actually married George McCarthy, and then they both got killed by ghosts), but maybe it'll work out this time. Of course, there still might be a lucky other femme for Apollo to woo; he's just fresh into his first crush, kinda-sorta (he thinks she's hot; she barely knows him). So who knows, maybe Pol will find some other nice girl to settle down with.

I really hope Apollo sires at least one bignosed girl. She'll have several suitors to choose from. My gosh, Gen 9 is looming...
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