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CoH Sims (sorta): Rogue's Gallery

This is actually a gift photoshoot/one-shot story for shewolfe in exchange for doing a writeup on Teff from CoH Sims.

Warnings: Well, these are villains. There's no un-worksafe pictures (people in underwear, maybe, but that's it) but there's some bad behavior going on.

So who are they? Well, you might remember from the end of CoH Sims Season One (specifically the Endgame installments), Khalid "Simaster" Jeffries got sent back in time by his dad, Ray Jeffries, who was sort of trying to help save Khalid from jail time or worse. (Note that nobody else in Season Two knows that Khalid got sent back in time.)

Back in the past, Khalid became a criminal in the City of Villains current timeline, running around with other villains and gathering a few thuggish henchmen, whose names you might recognize: Ben, Komei, Abhijeet and Kennedy. Khalid also gained a groupie of sorts, in the form of Harlequine "Harrly" Rogue, another villain, but one who thinks Khalid is just dreamy.

Compounding things is that Komei kind of likes Harrly, but of course she's only got eyes for the Boss. Thus, because this is primarily Harrly's story, I like to call this...

Now, Khalid started life as a Sim, and he looks a bit different (okay, a lot different) as a sim than as a criminal mastermind in City of Villains, as you'll likely notice if you've seen recent City of Heroes/Villains pic posts.

Going back to him as a sim... wow, he looks, um, different. In CoX game terms, the thugs don't look anything like what the sims do, and you can't change their looks. But I named Simaster's thugs after Sims townies, so here they will have their traditional townie selves, but with thug clothes and tattoos and the CoX hairstyles where possible. Sims clothes do not translate well to CoX and vice versa, just so you know. I couldn't find any screencaps of the entire group of thugs at once, but you can get an idea from here and here what we're looking at, as far as tattooed people in leather or wifebeaters.

So, let's look in Khalid, his thugs, and his groupie!

They look a lot like a boy band, don't they?

Okay, closeup time! First is Khalid, who is unhappy with this whole photoshoot (for reasons that will be seen soon). Khalid's powers involve the forces of darkness and mind-controlling his thugs and making all the fangirls swoon over his dreaminess.

Then there's Komei the enforcer, who gets to ride the motorcycle and wield twin submachineguns in combat. Next to him is Ben Long the arsonist - evidently a wannabe blaster, because he's always blowing things up and muttering "Gimme somethin' to burn."

That's Kennedy Cox and Abhijeet Nolastname, very unhappy with Harrly Rogue, who doesn't give a flying flip because she just loves her "Simmie" so much. Kennedy and Abhijeet are basic pistol-toting hoodlums, and Harrly is a stalker/assassin armed with mutation-induced claws.

Yes, the major factor in this whole group is that Harrly wuvs her Simmie, and Komei really likes Harrly, but Khalid doesn't give a crap about any of it. (Komei's looking at Harrly, offscreen.)

Now, is this next part canon? Well, it could be. It takes place in the nebulous future between the current CoV timeline and when Khalid is born. If you read Endgame: Seventy Times Seven, you'll remember that the time-displaced Khalid died before he was born. Khalid's figured this out, incidentally, which is a little awkward when trying to make plans for his future.

Khalid's got his own room in the Black Sunday base (the thugs sleep elsewhere). He's loaded down with books on cooking, and he keeps the place clean.

He's amiable enough, if on the grumpy side, but Harrly knows it's all an act, that deep down he's a big ol' spiky-haired mutant teddy bear.

"Mind if I join you?" she says, not bothering to wait for an answer.
"Would it matter?" Khalid answers, not bothering to look up from his book. He's hoping that if he ignores her enough, she'll go away.

"Aw, c'mon, Khalid," she tries to sweet-talk him. "Put down that book and let's get to some real cooking."

Khalid puts down the book with a sigh. "Look, Harrly, it's not going to work. Okay? My time is limited, and - "

"You're going to die soon, aren't you?" Harrly interrupts him. "I know you've been making plans."

"Well, yeah. I don't remember ever even hearing about my past self while I was growing up, or anyone named Simaster, so it looks like I don't leave any kind of legacy behind. I don't know exactly when it'll happen, but it'll be soon. I have a last few things to take care of this week, and then..."

"You seem really relaxed about it all," Harrly says.
"Yeah, I know... I feel, I don't know, kind of mellow about it... like everything's okay... something's weird, that's for sure."

"Well, good. That means the mickey I slipped you earlier is working," Harrly says, without a bit of guilt.
"You what?"
"I guessed you might be planning something - "
"I only just told you now!"

" - but at any rate, you're mellow enough that you probably won't be able to resist me this time," Harrly finishes.
"Uh - " Khalid tries to say, but the truth is that he really couldn't get the enthusiasm up to curse roundly at her and kick her out of the room, or leave himself.

"Harrly, I really don't thimmk mrfl mnu - "

One fairly active time on Harrly's part (and a somewhat dazed and passive time on Khalid's part) later...

"I can't believe you drugged me!" Khalid wails. "Dammit, all that emo torture I had years ago is coming back! Get out of here before I start playing Morrissey and writing poetry about the oblivion of my soul!"
Whoops, Harrly thinks, time to beat cheeks.

~ ~ ~

Harrly figures that once Khalid stops journaling the emo out of his system, he might be a wee bit upset about the entire event, so it's time to take a holiday from the villain gig and settle down. She knows Komei the thug has always been sweet on her, bless his gun-toting tattooed heart, and so she accidentally on purpose meets up with him outside the secret entrance to Black Sunday's villainous lair.
"Komei! I'm so glad to see you!"
"You are?"

"Of course, Komei! I know I haven't given you a lot of attention in the past, but I've been doing a lot of thinking this afternoon, and - " she tries to make herself blush - "really, you're so sweet and dedicated and strong and - "

"And?" Komei's not stupid. Thuggish, but not stupid.
"And you're right, Khalid isn't interested. I was a fool to not see it for so long. I'm through with him. You've always been here for me. Oh, Komei..."

"Look, Harrly, I just have some trouble with this whole thing. Suddenly you've decided you like me after all. Great, so I'm the backup guy after all this time. So why should - "

Harrly interrupts him in a way guaranteed to forestall further questioning: the full-body kiss-and-grind.

So morning finds Harrly and Komei in a pleasant little starter house near the Perez Park gentrification project. It's still cheap to live there, but the villainy isn't as bad as in days of yore, and the services are better.

"Let's try that kiss-and-grind bit again..."

Actually, Harrly is already discovering that Komei really is a pretty decent guy, for a thug who kills people without blinking an eye. He obviously likes her, and she's realizing she likes him a lot, too.

Of course, they need to do something to make a living. Harrly's an assassin, which is OK work when she can get it, but the jobs are irregular. Khalid's disappeared somewhere and his thugs have split up too. It's time for Komei to step up to the plate.

"I'm thinking of taking over Khalid's place as a criminal mastermind, Harl."

"That's fantastic, honey! I know you'll be great. Let's bust some henchmen out of the Zig and get you set up properly."

There's one narrow close call, when Eric "Boneshatter" Serling happens by, looking for a rumored new mastermind wannabe. "Normally those types stay in their place over in the Rogue Isles, but this one's come to Paragon City, possibly setting up shop around here somewhere. Keep a sharp lookout!"

Time passes, Komei gets a few thugs of his own, things are progressing smoothly... but Komei notices that there's a change in Harrly lately.

Yep, she's pregnant all right, and by now she's in love with Komei, so it's time to do the honorable thing: propose with a big stolen diamond ring (because those are worth more than plain ones).

Komei is thrilled. "If only the boss were here to see this," he says, after the usual protestations of love. "He would've liked to know."
"I know," Harrly says, shutting her eyes tight against the tears.

~ ~ ~

(Oh - they got married soon after, but there were no pictures. Sorry!)

More time passes, and Komei is thinking about how he can get someone to tutor him on those new antipersonnel devices, when Harrly goes into labor right there in the kitchen.

What's a budding criminal mastermind to do? Ambulance service to Perez Park is still spotty. Fortunately for the family, Harrly proves to be a natural at this birthing thing. She's on a Shakespearean kick right now; she couldn't exactly waddle off to her usual jobs as the trimesters ticked by, so she read her way through an entire fenced collection of leatherette-bound Shakespeare. Therefore, meet Peaseblossom. A cute little charmer, as babies usually are.

"Uh, honey," Komei asks as she hands him the baby girl, "her eyes are - "
"Hold on, sweetums, another one's coming!"

Indeed! Harrly produces twins! She hopes there's no more in there, but it appears two was the limit. This one's a boy, so he becomes Puck.

Peaseblossom and Puck. Komei thinks those do not sound very villainous. But more importantly, the babies have brown eyes. His are blue and Harrly's are green. And Komei knows of another villain who had brown eyes.

~ ~ ~

Komei gives Harrly a few days to mention the discrepancy, or explain what happened. When she doesn't, he brings it up himself (he had to sneak his way past a police motorcade in Skyway City, which meant he had to go in disguise as an Ordinary Citizen.)
"Harl, I can understand why the kids are both blond. Practically all babies are blond. But their eyes..."
"Oh, didn't I ever tell you? My dad had brown eyes. I must have the brown-eye gene as a recessive," Harrly says, as though it was nothing.
["FEED ME!" yowls one of the kids. "IGNORE ME AT YOUR PERIL, PUNY HUMAN!"]

Komei admits that's plausible, but he's just not quite sure about this whole thing. Especially as the kids get older. They just don't have his brow ridge, but maybe they'll grow into it.

Apart from that, Puck's a reasonable little fellow...

Peaseblossom, though, is so blond it's practically white. And she's cute, too, which Komei will admit is a good thing for girls to be. Granted, it might cause trouble later, but... still, he can't drop that nagging feeling that Harrly's played a rude trick on him - what to do about it...

~ ~ ~

Author time! There you go, folks. I've actually wanted to do a "Khalid and thugs" photoshoot for a while, and even got most of them set up back in May (oh, how long it's been) but just never progressed past there. So here they are at last, in a matter of speaking. I'd hoped to use them more, but, well, there you go.

Some credits! silentsteel copied off the thugs for me (at the time I didn't have an updated SimPE or something). Harrly belongs to shewolfe and I really hope that's the correct file, because she was the only new female sim I saw in the bin. ^^;; shewolfe also picked out the kids' names. Random twins "r" fun. Right? (Hahaha, since both Harrly and Komei had jobs at this point, but not enough money for a nanny, after buying two cribs and some groceries.)

I love Arsonist Ben's hair and expression. XD

As one might guess, this is not the same Komei Tellerman that later adopted a baby he named Sebastian, who later went on to found the Tellerman Legacy. Maybe the name "Komei" was really popular around one particular time, like how it was Ashley when I was in junior high, or all the Emilys and Emmas and Abigails right now. Or you can just ignore the whole discrepancy, like I do.

Khalid is messed up, man. I mean, regular readers of the CoX fics will recognize that, but still.

Some leftover pix!
Khalid's room was just me doing a quick building and not wanting to put much effort into it. But I do like this dresser. It's the one messy thing in his room. Neatfreak much, Khalid?

Wicked, wicked Harrly, slipping your dream guy a mickey.

I had a lot of trouble with the nighttime brick wall shoot. For some reason, the build-mode arrow got stuck on a corner of the lot, and nothing I did could remove it. You can see a bit of it in one of the pix. ^^;; So I was reduced to taking pix from about two angles, because the arrow "ghosted" through anything in the pic. Even though it was officially at the corner, it showed up through walls, Komei's head, everything. I didn't feel like fighting through editing every single pic like that, so I took a lot of pix from one angle and called it a day.

Komei looks Harrly over. "A smaller physique helps a lot in my line of work, see," she explains.

Harrly just looks creepy here.

The family's actually over in the Immortals photoshoot 'hood, which is why Eric and a couple other CoH Sims characters wandered in to do the welcome wagon thing. But it would be possible for Eric to actually meet up with Harrly this way, so I used that pic.

Back shot of Komei's tattooed skintone. With this photoshoot/storyline, I finally had a reason to use some of the tattooed skintones I downloaded ages ago.

Now, as long as Harrly keeps claiming the kids' brown eyes come from her dad, all is well, right? But you might remember from Alan Jeffries' cloned daughter Alanna in CoH Sims, that she's got that white hair too. Alan and Khalid both have red dominant and green recessive hair. I'm wondering if both these girls have green hair that will suddenly appear - most green hairs appear to be built off blond bases. If Peaseblossom has green hair as a child, Harrly's got some 'splainin' to do.
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