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City of Villains: Bon Voyage!

Warnings: None. Except maybe spoilers for BV, but that's up to you.

Those of you who are only familiar with CoH Sims, these two are Snow Fury and Darkfire in Sim form. They're two of the villains in our City of Villains online group. :) Snow Fury is played by shewolfe and Darkfire is evil!Ray Jeffries from another dimension. You can tell he's an evil counterpart from another dimension because of his goatee. XD

Those of you unfamiliar with CoX, Longbow is a major law-enforcement organization. They hunt villains.

So here's our happy (?) couple. Many, many thanks to iceraptoress for recoloring an outfit to match Dark's CoV uniform, and I think she recolored his hair, too. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything that approximated Snow's blue/white/gray CoV uniform, so I did the best I could. shewolfe created Snow and sent her to me.
Snow and Dark are just good friends as we start this.

Here's Snow's outfit (an older one, I don't have a pic of her more recent one) in CoV...

...and one of Darkfire in CoV, just so you know what they look like, more or less.

Our story opens with Snow and Dark (who really aren't "evil" per se... just in a bad situation, maybe?) and an awkward problem.
"Snow, we have to go into hiding for a while. Longbow's really putting the heat on as far as hunting down known villains."

"Does this have anything to do with that robbery of the Russian medieval history exhibit at the museum?"
"Yes, it has to do with that. But we should get our stuff together and go, pronto. They could be heading this way even now - you know how they can home in on villains. It's weird, how they can do that."

"Okay, it's not like we have a lot of stuff. Have you warned the rest of the team?"
"Yes, and they're all going into hiding for a while... but what about us?"
"I have an idea, Dark. Why don't we skip the country?"

"Well... okay. How far away can we go? Japan?"

Despite knowing little of the culture and nothing of the language, Snow and Dark put together their funds and hop a very, very long flight to Japan, whereupon they check into a tourist hotel.

Snow encourages him to buy them some new clothes while she makes a few other arrangements. After all, it would probably help if they didn't wear their villainous uniforms.

He picks up a few souvenirs and things while he's at it. Hey, they might be here a while.
"You da man!"
"No, you da man!"

(And new pajamas! Dark should look into contacts rather than glasses. They hide his eyes too much.)

Snow immediately changes clothes to blend in more. Fortunately, both of them are open to trying new foods and not just the overpriced room service.

Then Snow takes in some relaxing activities. Everything is going wonderfully. (Jinx!)

Since they're just good friends at present, they have separate beds.

But Snow wants it all - a career, money, a home, family... with Darkfire.

"Do you think we're safe here? Your hair is pretty obvious."

Snow also takes in a lot of self-guided walking tours, and meets a ninja, whom she promptly talks to about teleportation lessons. Unfortunately, she answers every chance card wrong. -_-;

Then the guided tours begin, and they end up in poison ivy or covered in dirt and thorns. Poor Snow. She jinxed the trip.

"Why did we ever come here?!"
"Snow, you said - "
"I know what I said! You don't have to remind me!"

And partway through the awkward discussion, another gent settles himself between Dark and Snow, completely ruining the mood (but maybe that was a good thing?).

The maid appears to be Officer Swiss Miss, moonlighting to make ends meet.

"Poofy teleporting ninjas..."

But Darkfire goes to talk to him in the secret language of teleporters, and they get along just fine and dandy, much to Snow's discomfort.

"Now he teleports everywhere! And he's so smug about it, he thinks he's the bomb."

Snow goes to groom the rock garden to settle her nerves, while Dark starts digging holes everywhere. He's a villain, it's practically a job requirement to deface property once in a while.

Naturally, he hits a water pipe and draws plenty of attention to himself. "Jeez, how do I get this fixed before Snow finds out?"

Then they go on another tour, get poison ivy, try another tour and get swarmed by Devouring Earth bees. Darkfire (in back) is in hysterics, and so am I.

After a few days of spring in Japan, Snow tries making a move on Dark, and they finally achieve crush mode. This is the first time I've ever played romantic interactions in Spring, and wow does it help the romance! And Snow got a makeover, so I can actually see her face from the side.

There were a few storms, too. Here's some lightning, which I got mostly because this hotel lot made my machine lag to the point of slideshow mode.

Now, has anyone noticed the error on Darkfire yet? That's right... no goatee. *facepalm* When I created him, I completely forgot the goatee! And he's been vacationing for a couple of days without it. Maybe he shaved it off in an attempt to avoid detection. At any rate, he needs to grow it back. I do wish I could put these sideburns on with the goatee, but you can't have both, sadly.

The next day:
"Hey, you two look familiar. Are you from Paragon City? I heard about a big museum heist there..."

"No, we're just tourists. Big museum heist, you say?"

"No, it couldn't be us. And lots of mutants have green hair," Snow adds. "I'm sure the criminals responsible will be caught and treated to justice soon!"

"That's right. Those rotten criminals, ruining everything for the rest of us!"

Back in their room, they share a few tender words...

There's no way Snow can resist those big green eyes.

"Now I'll make the schedule for tomorrow. All right?"

Among other things, tai chi is on the schedule now. Dark takes to it like a duck to water. Snow does it every opportunity she can.

"So I thought I'd come here to meet women, and - "

Then Snow and Dark go on another tour, this time with a helicopter, and Snow has another bad time. Poor Snow. ;_;

Dark finally takes her out on a date to help her feel better.

Snow has zero cleaning points, I might add (neither of them have any skill points at all apart from what they might get on a tour's chance card). But she's a neatfreak, the type who does the "YES!" arm-pump when it's time to make the beds.

"I love you, Darkfire!"
"I'm sorta fond of you, Snow..."

Speaking of cleanliness, Officer Swiss Miss doesn't do a very good job. Dark and Snow ended up cleaning their own shower and toilet because the maid never showed up while D&S were off touring and wandering into poison ivy and teleporting. Note the community bathroom next to the lobby. Dark and Snow couldn't stand it, and finally I sent one of them to go clean it (and gain a cleaning point in the process).

"Well, the food is interesting, all right. But the ramen isn't anything like what we have back home."

Darkfire really does teleport everywhere now.
"Do you have to do that?" Snow says, startled by his sudden arrival. "And what are you staring at, anyway?"

"Snow, look, let's just try to find the ninja so you can teleport too, okay?"
"The ninja hates me! Let's freezer-burn him!"

Later, Snow goes to the shrine and asks for a blessing...
"NO! Not a golden shower! ... oh, wait, it's money?" (It is!)

On the next to last day, Dark takes in some fishing, and Snow spontaneously jumps into his arms. "Agh, Snow, honey! You're gonna make us fall in - whooooaaa!"

*smeerp smooch kiss kiss smeerp*
No, Snow's not frigid. ^^;;

And finally Darkfire falls in love with her too (thank goodness for Spring romance bonuses, it would've taken sim-weeks otherwise, I think). "Snow, as long as we're here..."

"Remember we had to go on the lam because of that heist?"

"*gasp!* Darkfire! Is this the ring stolen from the Paragon City museum, originally given by Ivan Grozny, also known as Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible, to his beloved first wife Anastasia, whose untimely death, possibly by poisoning by jealous boyars, was a contributing factor in Ivan's later mental instability?"
"The same!"

"It fits perfectly!"
"It had better, it wasn't easy to get your ring measurement without you knowing what was going on."

"Oh, thank you, my fiery mutant corruptor!"
"I love you too, my ice princess!"

And then Dark promptly teleports away in search of a public restroom.

They spend the last day at the hot springs and the hotel and taking it easy. There is no woohoo want on either's part, but Snow wants to get married, and Dark wants a big wedding party,so they're being traditional about it, I suppose. They order lots of room service.

And just because they're not woohooing doesn't mean they aren't having fun. ^_^

"Dark, honey, what do you think about buying a vacation home here?"
"Say what? After the bees, thorns, poison ivy, getting chased by weird cultists, and that incident with the water main?"
"What incident with the water main?"

And so Dark and Snow finally get engaged and Snow finally gets her ring (a recurring plot point on CoV nights). But will they settle in Japan, or return to Paragon City?
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