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CoX pix: Space Pirate Alan! (and more!)

More CoX pix, including Alan Jeffries, whom we normally see in CoH Sims, presented for the first time here as a City of Heroes tank. ^_^ And some goofy pix, and Terecito at the end.

Unfortunately, Sims clothing translates poorly to CoX (and often vice versa, though I could replicate the Criminal Mastermind outfit from Sims to CoV). This means I couldn't find anything that really worked for any of Alan's outfits, including the pirate and the weird tailcoat he's got now, nor most of his photoshoot outfits. Yes, I looked. I mean, maybe I could've done something with his Red-Headed League suit, but that would've looked very tame in-game (a guy in a suit).

So Alan went the heroic-family route and got himself a sort of techy hero outfit instead. But he kept the red/gold/orange/black palette he's been with for a while now. Also, the hairstyle he has in Sims just doesn't exist in CoX, so I went with the "surfer" look instead. And some goggles. 'Cause I like goggles.

And a darling little off-the-shoulder half-cape!

In CoH Sims, Alan is an invulnerability/superstrength tank, which may be trouble for me as I'm used to mixing it up, but I'm going to give it another try. (The last time I tried tanking was probably a couple years ago.) The tank's main function is to attract and take damage, so the rest of the group can beat the crap out of whatever's attacking the tank. Alan can still hit things, but he's not a scrapper, whose function is to do the beating.


Then I realized I'd forgotten Alan's goatee, because Kinthalas and Celia came to meet him and commented on it. -_-; Doh! Fortunately Kin dumped a wad of cash on Alan and they escorted him to the Icon tailor in Steel Canyon so Alan could get his goatee re-grown in a fraction of the time normally required. It cost something like 500 influence, but Alan only had 88 at the time, plus there was traveling Steel at level 1 to consider.

Here's Celia, looking lovely as always.

Alan at last. He's of mixed feelings about the whole thing, I think. It just isn't fashionable enough, but at least it's color-coordinated.

The half-cape in action!

Alan (designed to be fairly skinny, but not as bad as Terecito) and Kinthalas.

Now an oddity... this office worker obviously considers herself way above the rest of the employees.

She continued on her way and then went through the wall. Intangibility is cool!

And lastly, Erica (played here by iceraptoress) showed up! Alan prostrates himself before her.

And here is the dialog! For reference, Lyneia is Kaal's wife.

[SuperGroup]Lyneia Charonne: oh no! men!
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: Yeah, well, I've got the goatee. Chicks dig the goat!
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: sure.
[SuperGroup]Space Kitten Erica: whatever you say dear
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: They told you wrong
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: *whistles*
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: Honeyblossom!
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: Oh my.
[SuperGroup]Space Kitten Erica: Snookiepoo
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: Do you hear that, Iceflower?
[SuperGroup]Lyneia Charonne: *sighs* oh, he noticed me!
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: Humans.
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: Plunderbunny!
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: Bragger...
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: My wife's hot! Go me!
[SuperGroup]Space Kitten Erica: Very heroic, dear
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: Hon?
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: Thank you, snoogiewoogie
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: uh, think I go to WWs.... (Wentworth's, the auction house)
[SuperGroup]Space Kitten Erica: You're welcome snuggybug
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: Let's leave these peeps to the hero gig. What say we make off to our fortress of Luv-itude?
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: Where´s my wife??
[SuperGroup]Lyneia Charonne: gone!
[SuperGroup]Space Kitten Erica: Yes! Take me in your arms and whisk me away, Dread Pirate Alan!
[SuperGroup]Kaal Akar: why?
[SuperGroup]Space Pirate Alan: Growl! Prepare to be boarded!

For more Alan/Erica goodness, look at this link here in iceraptoress' LJ!
~ ~ ~

Now some random pix from the character creator. First, this is the closest we'd ever get to Onus' nose (this one's for you, madame_ugly!)

Then I just hit the "random" button a few times and saved off the good ones. XD

Random #2...

Random #3...

Random #4!

~ ~ ~

Last night we had the neverending hostage mission (we eventually called in a GM after completely clearing the map).

Here's why those robes are a problem for Circle of Thorns mages. Look at 'em! You can't threaten a city like that.

OHNOES I HAS BEEN CAUGHT (I apologize for the macro-speak)

Takuya looks a little under the weather (har) so Ter tries the humidifier effect.

Ah, healing green glow! (And really, Clear Mind would work better on sinus problems, wouldn't it?)

At one point just about everyone got taken down, and Ter kind of fell on top of Lyneia. It was an accident! They can't be kissing, they're both face down and - oh, there's just no good way to describe it, is there? But it was an accident! There are witnesses!

And this is part of the Shady Pines Graveyard. This is one impressive mausoleum/tomb site. Ter says when he goes, he wants a big fancy place with angels on it, like one of these. (And after he said that last night, there was no conversation for several minutes. Guys, he's 19, he thinks he's gonna live forever! ^_~ )
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